Last updated: 22 December 2021

Heartfelt Peonies card

This is a video of a very special double handmade card packed with handmade peony flowers. I created these peony flowers with using Heartfelt Creations dies and stamps. I shaped and coloured them and assembled them. Enjoy lots of glitter, pretty flower splashes and Regency girls!

Beaded Asters tutorial

This is a video I created showing how to create beautiful Asters with using seed beads. I hope you will find it useful!

Marie-Antoinette paperbag Album

This is a video of my handmade paper bag album featuring all things Marie-Antoinette style. The albums has a couple of compartments in which handmade labels and other ephemera are tucked. While viewing the video you can listen to pretty Marie music. Enjoy the inspiration!

Handmade Flower Fairy cards

This is a video of some of my handmade flower fairy cards. While viewing the inspiration you can hear me singing a song titled ‘Inspiration’ which was written and composed for me by Dutch musicians Ed van Baaren & Maarten Langelaar in 1985©. They were my producers in the eighties and are very talented musicians.

Earrings by Ingeborg

This is a video of some of my handmade earrings. While viewing the pretty bling bling jewelry you can listen to me singing ‘Words’. This song was written and composed by two very talented Dutch musicians named Ed van Baaren & Maarten Langelaar in 1985, especially for me. I hope you will enjoy the song as well as the jewelry inspiration!

Flower arranging by Ingeborg

This is a video with some of my flower arrangements while you can listen to me singing a song with the title ‘Memories’. This song is written and composed by Ed van Baaren & Maarten Langelaar in 1984©. I helped with the lyrics as well. This song is very near and dear to my heart as it was written especially for my father Harrie Weijman, who died in 1984. The evening before he died I had to perform in a song contest in the Rijnhal in Arnhem. At that point I sang ‘Don’t cry for me Argentina’. My father couldn’t attend the song contest. It were his last moments. He’d wanted me to go there. So I did so for him. It was the semi finale. When I went home that night I wasn’t sure if I would make it to the finale of the song contest, which would take place a couple of days later, during the weekend. I came home and my dad was already in coma. The next morning he died. The day after I got a phone call that I had to prepare for the finale of the song contest. My father died on a Tuesday, and so on Thursday my producers and I wrote and recorded this song and music, so that I could perform with this song live during the finale. My dad’s funeral was on Friday. I was devastated, but on the other hand determined to do what he wished, and so I did the finale on Saturday. I had to rehearse the song a lot before I got the lyrics and music in my brain. It was so hard! But I managed and if a miracle happened I won the song contest!
See the pictures below. So that’s why this is so special to me. My advice to you, if applicable…….
Love your parents, because when you are on the other side, and can’t talk to him anymore…… it’s ‘simply too late’!!!! The pain is intense! I miss my father every day, every hour of the day. I know he’s watching over me though! God needed him on his side I guess. He now sends me doves, all the time! Enjoy the inspiration!

Inge Weijman talentenjacht Rijnhal Arnhem 1984
Papa, ik lijk steeds meer op jou

Crazy Quilting by Ingeborg

This is a video of some of my crazy quilting artwork. I love to stitch and create with using lots of flowers, of course. I hope you will find some inspiration!

Ribbon flower tutorial

A video in which I show you how to create a ruffled ribbon flower.

Crochet flowers

A video with crochet flower inspiration and Ingeborg singing ‘One moment in time’.

Crochet buttercup flower tutorial by Ingeborg

A video on how to create a crochet buttercup flower.

Flowers from the garden & singing

A video with flowers and roses from my garden. In the background I tried to sing ‘You light up my life’, haha. It is a bad recording. I had to do it with no special equipment, in sitting position, behind a laptop lol. Nevertheless I hope you will enjoy it! Enjoy today! Tomorrow may never come!

Floral embellishing

A video with flower embroidery and beading. In the background you can hear me sing ‘Adolescent Love’, a song written and composed for me in the eighties by Ed van Baaren en Maarten Langelaar.

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