Christmas essence card

Handmade Christmas card with Mary and Jesus by Ingeborg van Zuiden

Christmas….. so many traditions, so many differences in traditions in so many different countries, but the real ‘red’ thread through it all is that it’s about Maria and Josef giving birth to Jesus Christ, our savior. That’s the essence of Christmas and that’s what I wanted to celebrate when creating this Christmas card. I indulged the proud mother and baby Jesus with shimmery red poinsettia flowers. The small poinsettia flowers are created with using Heartfelt Creations poinsettia dies. I used dimensional magic to lacquer the big red poinsettia flower. Lots of glitter to be found as well, haha. You know me in the meantime lol!



Mary and Jesus

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Fairy candy Christmas

Poinsettia flowers and candy fairy details

This is another Christmas card I created recently. The front base for the card is a mandala drawing that was printed naked onto velvet paper and I had to colour it in myself. As you probably now know I love to use the sweet fairies to celebrate the flowers. Not much to say about this card. It was a quick little project. Enjoy the eyecandy fairy!

The candy fairy Christmas card
Details of mandala drawing
Vintage fairy Christmas card details
The candy fairy
Red ribbon bow
Details of pearls embellishments
Frontside of poinsettia Christmas card with candy fairy and mandala drawing
Details of handmade Christmas card with poinsettia flowers and mandala drawing