Handmade Marie-Antoinette paper tag with ribbons

Hi there!

I wanted to share something ‘Marie’ today and so this is a handmade tag I created featuring the pretty face of Marie-Antoinette. I love these kind of vintage images of pretty ladies and the style they reflect.

I was in the mood for singing when I created it. Now about singing…… as you might know, i’m a singer and have been a pro for a short while years ago. You can read more about that on my video page and also listen to me singing. I used to sing every day, but over the past 7 years I’d lost my voice a bit. It’s a bit of a sad ‘thing’ as it has to do with many disappointments and hardships I had to go through in my life, and thus I lost my voice. Also that I was silenced by many things happening. It was better for me to withdraw in my ‘birdcage’ and not use my voice anymore. I protected myself from the bad storms, I guess. But….. good news is….. i’m slowly starting to sing again. Weird thing is…… i’m coughing for more than 10 months already, as if I get a sign from above that I am losing my voice and it wants to make sound! I tried to sing the other day and started coughing again. The whole throat area is just stuck up, filled with dust I guess. (I have some allergies so that’s part of the problem as well) Anyway….. I kept on trying to sing and it went better and better. Now….. i’m ready to use my voice again and will try to sing again every day. So… i’m sharing this tag with you with ‘Sing’ wordart on it. When starting this post one of my favorite songs popped up in my head as well which is from the Gaither Vocal band titled ‘i’m gonna sing’. I’ll share it with you here. It just makes me so happy! I hope it touches you as well. So…… what I’d like to say to you….. never give up…… try to sing today too and let your voice be heard! God didn’t give me this talent to be silent. So i’m going to hit it from now on, haha. Not sure what Marie has to do with it though, hehe. Anyway, enjoy! And the beast will soon be gone! Pray for peace!

Details of wordart and glitter on paper tag
Downside of Marie tag
Portrait of Marie on tag
Creme ribbon bow
Glitter french lily
Corner of Marie paper tag
French lily and Marie
Details of handmade paper flowers with threading
Details of butterfly charm dangle on a tag
Details of holo butterfly on paper tag
Details of double french lily
Details of Marie paper tag
Ribbons on a tag
Bronze butterfly charm dangle
Details of handmade floral paper tag by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Backside of Marie tag Sing

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