Regency lady art

Regency lady page in the friendship book

Years ago I created a very special project for a special friend. It was a friendship book containing mixed media art pages in different themes. Creating gifts for friends or another loved one is for me the most satisfying thing to do. It’s what life is all about, I think. Bring as much love in the air as you can! Love is the highest frequency and will conquer anything. My friend is no longer in my life, but still in my heart. Wonderful memories stay in the heart forever and going through a book like this will help bring those memories to the surface and make you smile. This friendship book consists of a bunch of papers, all of the same size. Each page is decorated on both sides in a certain theme or colourscheme. I already shared one of the pages of this friendship book here.

Today I’d like to share the Regency page. My friend loved Regency style things so there had to be a page dedicated to a beautiful Regency lady. In Regency style fashion they used a lot of lace and jewelry, so bling bling and such couldn’t miss on this page. Flowers where also a beloved ‘thing’, so I surrounded this beauty with a lot of paper flowers. I wish the fashion designers would bring back dresses like this. They would be so handy right now with the ‘social distancing’ rules going on, haha. They would create the much needed space by itself! Problem solved. Mmmmm…. I wonder if they wore dresses like this for that purpose in Victorian and Regency times?! Like Michael Jackson sings in ‘Heal the world’: “Make a little space, make a better place”. I swear that song was predictive programming! Just like ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon and in fact so many songs! I believe a lot of artists from the past are still alive as well! I also believe President Trump and his team has created some sort of safe haven for them, some sort of ‘heartbreak hotel’ to hide from the evil forces. I bet when this ‘dark to light’-battle is over, there will be a big celebration. I am dreaming……………….. ABBA (which also means ‘The Father’ would perform once again, Elvis would be back and Michael Jackson as well. I must stop now as tears are coming up, haha.
I hope you enjoy this inspirational post. Enjoy today and DREAM!

lace and flowers
Paper flower art
Right part of the Regency lady page in the friendship book
Blue bling heart with pearls

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