Regency decency


A beautiful new sunny day here in the Netherlands. I love this time of the year when everything unfolds in such a rapid pace. The birds are very active and loud and busy building nests. The first bulbs show their faces and the rose leaves also come out. By the way…. did you notice the change in our climate already? Well, I do! I already noticed it very significantly last year. There are plants in my garden that would never grow to full potential and now they are starting to burst and are growing so hard that i’m even thinking of changing the garden layout, like pines and such. One of a sudden all of them start to grow like never before. I know president Trump has been very active with making sure our environment will become cleaner and cleaner. He signed an order to plant at least one billion trees in the world, plus he wants clean air, clean water. Just clean everything bad out actually. He’s our true hero! You will find out what he did for the world if you don’t already know that. He’s the king of kings! There are even more hero’s and kings you’ll find out about! It’s going to be glorious! We are going through the biggest transformational times ever! I feel alone with experiencing this all. Nobody believes me. Everybody i’ve encountered and was trying to tell the truth looked at me like they saw water burn. Well, I can only say this…….. you don’t have to believe me, you’ll find out! I’m not stupid! My IQ is higher than 130 and I do have things well on a row, simply because God always guides me and I always follow the truth the best I can. I’m not a lunatic! So….. the king is coming, you bet! And what is coming is going to blow your mind! It’s going to be all so big, so huge so incredibly huge!!! You can’t imagine how huge! It’s bigger than this world! It would have been so much better if people would have come together to share this epic time. It’s like a wedding, and you decided not to invite your father, and then he dies, and you can never make it up anymore. This all will pass and afterwards you’ll regret certain things. I am very conscious, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. Every day I try to enjoy and live it the best I can. I often say ‘Enjoy today, tomorrow may never come’. All for a reason! Because I experienced that your life can be changed in the blink of an eye!

Anyway, long story short……. haha, I wanted to bring some grace and style into today with a couple of handmade notetags that i’ve created, again in Regency style. This is a set of four mixed media tags with pretty seam binding ribbons. All have beaded dangles in pink and gold and inspirational wordart. Of course I had to add glitter to them as well. At the back of each tag one can write a note. I hope you feel inspired by them! I’m going to my garden to fill a container with pansies and have a cup of tea. I’ve added one of my most favorite hymns to this post as well. You really should listen to it. It will bring you to our Creator instantly! So beautiful! I’ll see if I can record it myself someday. Keep being ready for a huge ‘storm’! Keep having groceries and other necessities in the house for a couple of weeks as well! The trumpets will sound and God will step in!

Love is the only thing that matters!

Set of 4 handmade paper tags with beaded dangles in Regency style
Handmade regency style mixed media tag by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Glitter rose
Details of beaded dangle with magenta and gold
Details of paper butterfly
Live your dream
Handmade regency style tag with wordart
Backside of notecard tag with roses and shamballa beaded dangle
Let your spirit fly
Beaded dangle with pink and gold
Details of Regency ladies
Set of 4 notecard tags
Backside of handmade notecard paper tag
Serenity wordart
Backside of handmade Regency tags with notecards
Details of Regency lady with wordart
Details of handmade Regency tags with wordart
Details of Regency mixed media tags with beaded dangles
Set of 4 tags with beautiful Regency style ladies and wordart by Ingeborg van Zuiden

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