Redouté folio

Handmade folio in vintage style with Redoute roses and angels by Ingeborg van Zuiden Weijman

Pierre Joseph Redouté……. a Belgian man who painted some gorgeous roses paintings and other flowers in the 17 and 18 hundreds. I’d never heard of him before till I stumbled upon a beautiful portfolio filled with high quality prints of some of his roses and other botanicals in the early nineties. I still remember how I felt when I found it. My heart jumped for joy!!! We were on a shopping trip in Amsterdam and there in the Kalverstraat we found this little cheap outlet bookstore who always had some surprises in stock for us. So…… as this painter apparantly was a favorite of Marie-Antoinette, it couldn’t miss that I would love his work as well, haha. I bought the portfolio and have put many of those prints in a beautiful large frame and hung them on the wall in my living room. At that time I was filling my house with the beloved country cottage kind of style, like Laura Ashley and Biggie Best, and those paintings matched perfectly with my style. I still have them! Sometimes you find treasures like this. These kinds of paintings never get out of style. Till today he inspires many good souls with his artwork!

Anyway……. I had to create something with paper, when I found some Redouté collage graphics. That’s how I came up with creating this Redouté style folio which is filled with notecards and tags. Of course I added some vintage elements in there too. I love the outcome. It’s a fat cat, this folio, but with many surprises. These are fun to create! And ‘HiStory’ continues…….

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