Purple messengers

Bonjour! Back from the future, pffff….. It’s a miracle i’m still able to create art in the middle of so much turmoil in our life! I see purple all over from mental and physical bruising, but hey….. i’m like Rocky, haha, I never ever give up! So those bruises will heal eventually and then i’m ready for the next match!

My sweetheart was in the emergency room for the second time in a couple of months time and believe it or not but they tried to kill him there and I had to rescue him and fight like hell to shake those snipers off! The first time they kept him hostage! The second time they created a scenario to kill him. I’m truly NOT exaggerating….. this is the second time i’ve managed to free him from their evil claws. The horror we’ve been going through…… no words can describe it and we are both still frozen of what happened. Completely in shock! It truly was like in a horror movie and we still can’t believe what happened to us!

We now have barricaded our door and hopefully it will never ever happen again that he needs to go there. Horror story! I will not share the details here as it’s too terrible to share online, and I don’t want that on my blog either. Hardest part is we have to go through this all alone while we both are sick. But we are still alive, God is on our side and i’m determined to heal my dear husband! Even if on my knees on my last breath. I’m on high alert and in highest fight modus right now. Nobody ever is going to hurt us anymore. I will crush anyone who tries. I’m a sniper in the kingdom of God and will turn the tables and tear any crystal chandelier off the ceilings. I’m so so angry! And I have so much energetic power right now that I feel like I can turn my car upside down!

Anyway, i’m trying to relax, if that’s possible, pffff………. but yeah, i’m trying and find a little time to focus on high frequencies like creating art, gratefulness, praying and loving. At the end i’ll end up quite balanced then, haha. We keep on smiling too! Where whould we be without humor! Thank God for my double edged sword! So, here is a set of tags that I created a while ago with sweet vintage victorian little girls with a message. These are pocket tags with a little note and of course decorated with lots of glitter and floral embellishments. I hope your life is in better shape! And be prepared from some horror yourself, as it’s coming your way too. I assure you! But walk on through the storm when it’s there, at the end is a golden sky! God has a plan for us, to prosper us not to harm us! We are in End Times. Biblical times!

Purple messengers – 212

Only a matter of time – 212
Two hearts connected – 212
Warrior of End Times – 212
There are no Coincidences – 212
Your false reality – 212
Message from future – 212
Boots on the ground – 212
Do you know who I am – 212
All is not as it seems – 212
Jesus and Mary Magdalene – 212
Bright morning star – 212
Zero point energy – 212
An Apocalypse scenario – 212
He is my everything – 212
Warrior of the light – 212
The Good Lord is coming – 212
Ascension into heaven – 212

Set of handmade victorian paper tags with vintage girls and flowers by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Details of backside of handmade tag with wordart and roses bouquet
Backside of handmade purple vintage floral tags with pockets and notes
Backside of purple floral tag with wordart and flower embellishments by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Backside of handmade victorian pocket tags by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Floral mixed media art with glitter

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