Purple Memories

Frontside of handmade mixed media folio with purple flowers in vintage victorian style by Ingeborg van Zuiden Weijman

It is in the middle of the night. Since my sweetheart died a couple of weeks ago, it’s the usual thing……. laying awake for hours to fall asleep in the early morning. I’m totally out of balance. Of course, who would not when their lover died. So i’m trying to find my balance back, somewhere between blue and red…. hence the title of my blogpost ‘Purple Memories’ which suited perfectly for sharing this handmade vintage style folio I created a long while ago and was still on my ‘to share’-list.

I feel purple, totally purple, but more like i’ve been in a boxing ring and am totally bruised. I’m puffed up, full of tears and of course I let them roll now and then, but I have to stay strong on the other hand. I have so much on my plate right now. So much to manage on all facets of my life. I’m trying to cope, and do my best and so far i’m still alive, but it’s a very very heavy duty. Coïncidently I bought some flowering plants for my husband’s grave the other day and they were all purple too. Somehow it has to be purple ruling right now I guess. I let God guide me. You know, that’s exactly what is keeping me above the red line…… my faith! And the promiss that I know I will see Jan back. He will be back! How do I know? Well, the Bible tells me so! And I do know God is already walking on earth. So, that’s what keeps me going……. ‘just’ having to manage to be patient untill that glorious day will come.

Then there are all the magical signs I get from God, day in and out. Before Jan died I talked to him often and would ask him…. “but how do i know it’s you that’s coming to me, I mean, in what form will you come to me”. We both agreed he would ‘of course’ come as a dove, as the doves are another beautiful line that was going through our live together. Well what happened….

The first day I went to the grave, I went back to my car, and there next to the car door was a feather of a dove!!! Two days later I parked the car on another spot at the graveyard, and when I walked a little bit off the car there was another feather!!! And then a couple of days ago, I went to Jan’s grave and stood there in the rain, talking to him, crying and told him I had to go as it was starting to rain heavier. Then I walked towards the end of the lane of where his grave is, and there was another feather of a dove!!! I am still flabbergasted but oh so grateful as I KNOW for sure he’s watching over me. How do you explain the supernatural?! I do know he’s with me. Simple as that. I now have 3 feathers.

Another thing that was so miraculous was this….. Three days before Jan died I had bought a card in the supermarket with a peacock on the front. Of course I didn’t knew he would die or when. But somehow I forgot to give him the card and on the day before the funeral I found it in my handbag! I looked at it and studied the peacock on the front. It had feathers and in each of those feathers was a little golden heart. And there were 31 hearts!!! Well ‘our’ special date is the 31st. Now if that’s not arranged by God Almighty?! I was stunned yet again. I did manage to give Jan the card and have put it with him into his coffin. So it’s now with him.

It feels so comforting……. all these miracles which are so NOT coïncidental! That’s what’s keeping me alive and faithful. By the way…….. the peacock is the symbol of Christ. There you go! God is so good!!! Anyway…… here I am, all alone, but with loving support of some family and friends. I’m not all alone, thank God. Somehow he did arrange those meetings as well. So……. how nice is it that I share all these ‘purple memories’ that are real and actual and would fit perfectly into this handmade folio?! I hope you like what I created. I have to do something during the ‘time’ i’m alone. I can’t wait to see Jan back! I miss him so much, sooooo much. Words cannot describe how much. For hours I can stare on a wall and just think about him and feeling empty. I can only say people…….. enjoy today, tomorrow may never come. It’s all about now. The past and the future, it’s all now. Thank God for my purple memories and purple promises! Again, God is good! Till then…….. take time to enjoy! Thank God for my precious purple memories!

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handmade mixed media folio with purple flowers in vintage victorian style by Ingeborg van Zuiden Weijman
handmade mixed media folio with purple flowers in vintage victorian style by Ingeborg van Zuiden Weijman
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