Poppy love tags

Set of two Valentine tags

Hello there!

I love poppies. Don’t you?! I got to know them better when I was young, haha. I was biking through the city of Arnhem, in the Netherlands, on my way home and saw some poppy flowers alongside the road and stopped. I wanted to pick some for my mother. I think I was about 12 years old or something. I picked a whole bunch of them. So beautiful! I had put them in my little basket on the front of my bike and as soon as I started biking again the petals blew away!!!! That was my first encounter with poppies, hahaha. Isn’t that funny?! I love Poppies nevertheless. They are such gorgeous flowers, especially the double varieties like Papaver Somniferum ones. True pieces of art they are! Anyway….. I decided to crochet some Poppies for these Victorian style love tags a long while ago and added them at the bottoms with pretty shamballa beaded dangles. I hope you like them!

Valentine's day tag with crochet poppy flower
Backsides of Valentine Day tags
Gold details on heart

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