Past Present

Front of handmade butterfly booklet
Details of foldings of gift booklet with butterflies and flowers

Your story matters. His-tory matters. Her-story matters. The past is the present is the future. Why else do we have memories? Why else are we able to re-member? Why else do we have to learn? Why else do you have a brain? How else did you become someone with knowledge? All this new age bla bla about mindfullness, live now, let go of the past etc etc. I’m so disagreeing with all of that. I think the past is important. If it were only to guard our freedom that we had to fight ourselves out from. Why else do we have ancestors? They are from the past? Let it go where you came from? Why else do we speak of trails of tears, or the writings of Plato, or listen to the music heritage of Mozart? It’s all from the past? Not important??? Isn’t it important what we created in the past? Why is there something like karma then? Why do we make choices? On what base? Why does an eagle remember to come back to the same nest often? Why does it remember that an owl is of potential danger? How come that swallows remember their way back to a warm country at the end of the spring season? Of course we should not focus on the past, present or future all the time, but you can’t deny it either. It’s all important.

I love to live in the ‘knowing’ combined with unconsciousness. Play like a child. Not overthinking, but living from the heart. Love, give, share, enjoy, learn, create new points of view, discover new pathways based on the knowledge of the past choices. For instance….. I lived in a little house with lack of space as well as in a fairly big villa with huge surroundings. I now know exactly what I liked best. What pro’s and con’s there were in each surrounding. With those experiences I now know almost exactly what I really want. All based on past experiences.

My grandmother taught me how to survive a war. She and my aunt truly drilled the grandchildren and made us aware of the dangers. I’m so so sooooooooo incredibly grateful for those lessons that they taught me, because I am now able to stand my ground, during this world war. Why do we celebrate freedom day, or remember the birthday of our grandpa, mother, sister or whomever? Why are there huge remembrance days in all countries of important historic reference? Why do we have graves? Why do we make photographs?

Oh, in case you didn’t know it yet….. world war II never stopped! That was a lie. (Study operation paperclip and that’s even the tip of the iceberg). We don’t have complete freedom yet! Human kind doesn’t know what true freedom is! There is a huge battle (foremost spiritual, but also a real battle) going on for rescuing the human race. I will not rest until we are completely free. Fight with light!

Anyway…… how to stay sane in crazy times….. well pray a lot, and play when you can. Humor is a very important weapon too. But foremost love one another from the heart, not from the mind. Children don’t think about giving love, they simply give it, just like animals. What you see is what you get. That’s my humble opinion and how I try to live. I will call out what’s wrong, and when you truly are behaving evil my gate will open and i’ll behave like an elephant who remembers everything that hurt him or her. Why would an elephant have such a big memory? Memories are there to use as a toolbox for guidance in the now and the future.

I stumbled upon a free pattern for this cute little gift/notebook with blue butterflies. I dowloaded the patterns for it from Vectoria Designs on Youtube. I altered it a bit here and there and made it like I liked it and created a new way of using the pattern. It was a fun little project. Who will receive this past creation in the future? That’s to be seen. For sure someone I love.


This is a video with my song ‘Memories’ created by Ingeborg together with Ed van Baaren & Maarten Langelaar in November 1984, in loving ‘memory’ of my dear father, Harrie Weijman

Your story matters
Details of folds
Side of handmade mini booklet
Handmade blue floral butterfly gift booklet with notex
handmade folding booklet with numbers and notes
Take a breath
Treat yo self
Chase the sun
Countdown week booklet with butterflies and flowers
Dare to fail
Trust your soul
Blue vellum note with handmade invisible floral paperclip
counting the days booklet
Details of notes and pockets
Details of little notecard and insert
Handmade blue floral invible paperclip
Details of pockets
Blue butterfly booklet
Blue floral notebook calender
Turquoise blue butterfly notebook with wordart
Blue mixed media pocket book
Be constantly curious
Details of pockets in little notebook
Woodchip ornament with blue ribbon
Details of butterfly inserts with notes
Handmade mixed media paper notebook in turquoise blue
Details of handmade paper booklet with butterflies and wordart
Butterfly Pocket insert
Trust your instincts
Pocket with butterflies
Just keep going
Details of pocket and wordart
Details of butterfly with wordart
Nourish your soul

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