On a fairy beautiful note

Handmade fairy notecard hanger with seam binding ribbons and charm

Hi there!

Is it obvious that I love glitter? 😍
I just couldn’t help myself on this pretty fairy pocket tag. Sometimes it’s so hard to stop that glitter glue bottle! I just love those sparkles. I really love to indulge in that stardust, haha. What is life without glitter?! We have to keep on sprinkling glitter, even in the darkest of days. I helps reflect the light and attract or even distract attention.

This is a tag with on the frontside the pretty peach poppy fairy surrounded by pearls and rhinestones and foam flowers. On the backside is the pocket where a little note can go in and I added lots of stones, flowers and embellishments there as well. I made a frilly ribbon border with seam binding ribbons and pompom trim in old rose and peach colors. On the top border of the tag/hanger I added the same ribbons as bows and attached a square bronze epoxy charm to it, with bronze chain. I love to create these kinds of tags as it’s a great way to send a gift as well as a note-in-one. When the message is received and read, the receiver can hang the tag as a decorative piece on the wall, a memory board or on a door.

I hope this little post finds you well today! It’s calm before the storm!

Details of glitter and fairy
Backside of handmade notecard hanger with pocket for a note and flowers
Details of bronze ornament with pearl stones
Details of gold accents on a handmade hanger
Beautiful fairy tag hanger with bling stones and glitter flowers
Lots of glitter accents on a handmade fairy tag by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Bling embellishments and glitter swirls
Sprinkling butterfly and ribbons on the pocket tag holder
Charming glitter fairy details
Bronze embellishment with green pearls
A little note in a little pocket
Details of peach ribbons and paper art dietcuts
Details of glitter and stones
Pretty seam binding ribbons
Gold fabric flower
Old rose and peach seam binding frills
Backside of pocket tag with gold fabric flower and other floral details
Handmade flower fairy pocket tag with seam binding frills and charm by Ingeborg van Zuiden

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