My purple heart of kindness

Good day to you!

I hope these two sweet angels find you well today! I thought it was time for some paper art instead of beads. Of course the beads will return very soon 😍😁, but these kindness tags come in between, haha. I have created this set of tags a little while ago already, and they were still on ‘the shelf’ for sharing.

These are two pocket tags with messages of kindness inserted. I used pretty metallook pansies for both tags as well as punch flowers and purple bling bling. The metallook pansies came from a ‘Dufex’ 3D sheet. Unfortunately I can’t find them anymore. I think they are so pretty! The angels bring you my purple heart of kindness. My heart is strong and filled with kindness, most of the time. I’m a kindness cultivator, but that doesn’t mean I am a pussycat, haha. I am a strong believer of peace through strength, honesty and foremost love for the truth. I have always strived for the best in any circumstance of my life. Often I am way too kind and people trap on my heart. I forgive them easily, but forgetting is something else! My heart is strong and purple, can bear anything but injustice and nasty mean dark spirits. I destroy such with my purple radiant laser, haha. I believe in a good fight too, as long as it is constructive and striving for the good outcome, so that the relationship can be healed. Sometimes life needs a battle here and there, to make things better. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It’s all part of the deal. Fighting is an essence of life. Look at a lion or male house sparrows and the way they fight for a cute little female sparrow. They almost kill each other!!! And how about the way your egg was found by the sperm? Huh? Haha. The fighter gets the most! I believe we suffer to bring us to a higher level and to create the ability to make better choices and foremost to get to know your inner strength and needs. Purple is a very strong vibrant color with a strong balance. I think we all should strive for a purple heart! All the bad and good experiences i’ve been through have made me more grateful, wiser and stronger. Anyway, today I sprinkle some kindness here for you. May it bless your day and and bless your heart and make you fight for a better life!

Worart paper tag fairy dust
Sprinkle kindness everywhere you go
Metal look pansies on a tag.
Pansies and peacock tag
Handmade paper tag with pansies and angels
Kindness is the ability to love someone more than they deserve
Peacock surrounded by paper flowers and pansies
Pretty peacock
Vintage angel
Set of handmade paper tags with pansies and peacock by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Set of handmade purple floral vintage style tags with pockets and wordart by Ingeborg van Zuiden

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