Lovely Blues

Handmade tag with lace flowers and ornament in Marie-Antoinette style by Ingeborg van Zuiden

Hello there!

Just before 2021 ends, I am letting you know that Marie is all dressed up for the blue ball! This is a simple Marie inspired paper tag for journaling or sending as a gift to a loved one. Of course enough bling and glitter was added. My hand cannot stop adding more and more bling or pearls, haha. You know me! 😍

OK, so I think this will be my last post this year and then i’ll come back this year again. 😂 Time doesn’t exist. So i’ll come back backwards. Rumour has it that we will go back 13 days. We’ll patiently have to await if that happens. If so, let’s celebrate Christmas the right way! Our Lord Jesus Christ will save us all. 🙏🏻🕊

A lot is going to happen; nothing is what it seems! I keep saying it, and warn you. Be prepared. And make sure you are not following the devil! The devil is everywhere!!! So many so called leaders, heads of state, doctors, teachers are not what you think they are or were! A lot of them are/were criminals, cannibals, child molesters. Some if not most, or even all of them were pure monsters! I’ve said it before, I won’t go into details on my blog as I want my blog to be a creative place. But it breaks my heart to know how many people are still not awake and are still being deceived by the devil and think they are doing good. So many people are lost and blind! And I still might be blinded too on certain things, but I keep trying on finding more truth, day in and out. You’ll find out eventually, but you can find out yourself when you do your research with a truthful point of view. You won’t find the truth in the mainstream. I hope you’ll find it in time, otherwise it will hit you hard.

Anyway, God will step in and will save HIS people. We are in Revelations, End Times. Omi = End Cron = Time
From dark to light! Stay in the light, always. No fear. Love always, pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ and have an attitude of gratefulness. I warn you again, be ready for some storms coming in!!! All lies will be revealed! Long live the truth!

Have a safe transition!

Details of ribbon and beaded dangle
Detail of glitter, stones, hearts and ornament
Detail of lace flowers and wordart 'Isn't she lovely'.
Marie-Antoinette surrounded with bling heart, pearls and lace flowers
Beaded dangle with blue ribbon and beads
Backside of handmade paper tag with beads
Isn't she lovely?
Details of ornament decorated with Nuvo miracle paint
Marie tag with blue ribbon and beads