Love Tags

Handmade set of 3 love tags with flowers and keys by Ingeborg van Zuiden

Hi there!

It’s almost Valentine’s day and I thought to create some Valentine’s inspired tags ‘in between’ all kinds of things ‘to share’ on the shelf. And sigh…… yet again time flies so fast. I have been in survival mode a bit this week. All kinds of unexpected things happened, pfffff, but thankfully we’re still alive, not kicking though, haha. We keep smiling! What else can you do!?
So…. here are the tags in a set of 3. They all have similarities in style and have a part to write a loving note on. And all have keys to the heart. I had to create them with the flower of love which of course is the rose. I hope you enjoy the eyecandy for today! Will you celebrate Valentine’s day? Over the years it has become a bit a day for universal love I guess. I always thought it was only for secret lovers, but now all lovers seem to apply, haha. I’ll celebrate Valentine’s day with my dear husband, which is not a secret love anymore, lol. Never been as well, by the way. We were in love with each other from the first telephone call we had. Very special it is and was. Love at first sight and ear, haha. Well, he fell in love with me at first, and a couple of hours later I fell in love with him. At that time there was quite some distance to overcome and we didn’t have mobile phones yet lol, so it had to go through landlines, hehe. That’s why it took a couple of hours to reply lol.

Anyway, have a wonderful day or evening and stay well! See you next time!

Backside of handmade love tags
handmade Love tag with pink rose and key

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Love tag with flowers

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Handmade mixed media love tag with butterflies and roses

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