Love is patient

Details of handmade vintage notecard hanger with Hollyhock flowers

Hello there!

I’m lost for words but my heart is full of love and I wish I could tell you all that I know is going to happen!
I can’t do it here as it’s simply too much and I can only do so in person. I hate to open my heart on social media and platforms like even my own website. The internet has brought so much pain and destruct in my life, that it’s even a miracle that i’m still here sharing. That’s only because I know God has a plan for me and he doesn’t want me to give up, ever. He also has a plan for you, and that’s my message for you today….. live your life to the fullest with everything that comes your way, the pain, the laughter, the beauty, the disasters, just anything! At the end of the storm there’s a golden sky! Come to Jesus and live! Soon he will come!
You can count on that! Good things come to those who wait! Hallelujah!
The Trumpets will sound, work on Earth will be suspended and we will all bow on our knees for the King!

Believe and you’ll receive

What you focus on increases

Boy, how much i’ve focussed and focus and believed and belief on what I love to see manifesting in my life.
It’s still not there, but almost, i’m sure. It was worth all the waiting, tears and pain.
I can already see the real signs of my dreams. For God never lets me down!
We are in for thousands of miracles! Through the tears we’ll see the light!
I’ve added some great music in between my artwork for today.
From my heart to you! I love to speak to you through music and art!!!ūüíĖ

Handmade angel notecard hanger with pretty pink and red Hollyhock flowers
Detail of bling hearts
Angel with hearts
Mother of Pearl button with organza ribbon bows
Beautiful Hollyhocks
Live and Love to the fullest
Heart embellishments with Hollyhock flowers
Backside of handmade notecard hanger with Hollyhock flowers
Details of MOP button with glitter
Details of cotton lace with button
Vintage angel with Hollyhock flowers
Handmade vintage floral notecard hanger by INgeborg van Zuiden

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