Life can be a circus

Life can be a circus

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Yes….. life can be a circus, isn’t that true? I do experience that often, don’t know about you? One of a sudden you’re in the rollercoaster or ghost house and on the other moment you are licking a candy cane, still shocked from the ghostery and bumpy roads of the time before. This week was such a week again. From one moment into another there seems to be horror. I won’t go into many details, but my husband and I were just trying to get some sleep after a couple of horrendous days, when we were abruptly woken up from screaming in the street. It was so loud and alarming, my heart was pounding like hell. Went to the window and saw one big police caravan, all kinds of movements, special forces with rivals, little vans to pick arrested people up. What a show, pffff……. in the middle of the night, at 2.30 am. We still don’t know what happened precisely but it seems they rolled up a gang or something. We saw a couple of people being arrested and taken away, heard police dogs eating them raw, and screaming voices of ‘on your knees’ and ‘arms up’. Like in a movie. We were at least happy to see so much effort to cut down on crimes. That’s the good thing. At 6 am in the morning all went down to calm again and we could pick up some sleep. Just like I started…….. life can be a circus!

Enjoy my art splash celebrating the unexpecting events of life!

Handmade paper tag 'Life can be a circus' with red flowers
Backside of life can be a circus tag
Mini tag fear no evil

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