Hang in there

Christmas hangers in vintage style

It’s December the 5th and i’ve been having a wonderful day with my dear husband decorating the house for Christmas. It’s a one week plan, as my body doesn’t want to do it, but i’m determined to do it anyway. Tomorrow we’ll try to do more of it. Everything aches right now, so time for a blogpost, I thought.

This Christmas will be the most important Christmas ever, and I want to indulge in every moment surrounding it and take it all in. Only the future can tell what exactly is coming, but it is going to be biblical, that’s for sure! There’s a fight going on right now against evil, just like in Angry Birds, the first movie! And at the end the red bird wins. The red angry bird, the one who is mocked all the time! Do you see any resembling with the ‘now’? He fights like a lion, that little rascal, hahaha. I’m with him! Beat that devil! Anyway……. I needed a ‘bridge’ talk that matches my tree hangers, because that’s exactly what those hangers are about….. about an angry bird, angels singing and Marie….. symbol of some kind of revolution in Europe. Even more resembling things! I thought I was right in time to bring my handmade tree hangers in!

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