Golden memories

Gold bronze photo frame tags details with vintage girls
Set of 5 handmade notecard tags/hangers with bronze metal dangles and gold vintage photo frames with girls and wordart

I let the music speak. It’s all in the music, so listen!
The future tells the past.
Memories are very important.
History is important.
His story is important, mine too!
You cannot forget your experiences.
They are what you are NOW.
They will be of use for your future.
You will soon find out this music will proof that.
It’s up to you if you want to dig into my message and listen to the music.

So, this post is all about golden creations.
And pure gold from my (he)art.

Ingeborg van Zuiden
Handmade mixed media art by Ingeborg van Zuiden
golden girls
Details of handmade mixed media art photo tags
Handmade mixed media tags with gold and bronze embellishments
Vintage golden photos on handmade tags with lace and beads
Vintage style memory hangers with notecard
Handmade golden mixed media hangers with notecard backside and bronze metal flowers and dangles
Handmade notecard hanger 'Amazing Grace'
Bronze leaf with beads
Details of handmade notecard tag with wordart and metal flowers by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Vintage girl in golden frame and wordart 'Amazing Grace'
Backside of handmade mixed media tag with vintage style flowers and ribbons
Handmade mixed media notecard hanger with metal flowers and lace by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Remember when
Vintage notecard tag with bronze flower
Vintage style handmade notecard tag
Bronze beaded dangle
Remember when memories tag with gold photo frame and bronze metal flowers
Handmade golden mixed media tag or hanger with bronze metal flowers and dangle by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Challenge yourself wordart mixed media
Notecard hanger
Bronze leaf with beads
Notecard on backside of handmade mixed media hanger
Handmade mixed media notecard hanger with golden photo frame with vintage girl and bronze metal leaf dangle
Ribbon and lace notecard
Little princess in gold
Bronze metal leaf with pearl
Mixed media vintage tag with lace and golden photo frame
Laugh loud
Details of gold photo frame with bling bling
Bronze leaf
Bronze leaf dangle
Handmade vintage notecard tags by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Notecard tags with bronze metal dangles by Ingeborg van Zuiden

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