Explosive Spring Art

Handmade floral spring tags with lace ribbons and photoframes by Ingeborg van Zuiden

So…… here I am again with some spring colour explosion! I had to create some more spring art to brighten my days! It takes quite some time to heat up this spring, though we did manage to sit in the garden enjoying the warm sun rays with a cup of coffee. Wearing warm cardigans and a shawl it was so nice to be outside this weekend! I love to see everything coming to life again. There are so many birds in our garden at the moment. It feels a bit like as if we are a real estate plaza for them. So many birds are wanting to nest in our garden! In the front garden there’s a Eurasian Jay (Gaai) and a blackbird (Merel) fighting for the Thuja tree and in the backgarden there are blackbirds hipping on and off too. Also more than 6 doves are coming on and off. Plus little house sparrows (mussen) and Dunnocks (Heggemusjes). The roses are having their leaves and we are so behind with garden maintenance. But alas, nature will take care of itself. God arranges it all! And twhen the time comes we are ready to do some work, it will all come around. We have been doing our last spiritual spring cleaning and it feels good. Now we are making plans for a new life, a new nest and more. I hope these two spring pocket tags will find you well today!

Backsides of handmade spring flower tags with pockets and butterfly frames

“Every once in a while, love gives us a fairytale”

Pink wax seal
Details of butterfly and lace on a handmade vintage floral spring tag
Every once in a while, love gives us a fairytale ribbon
Pink wax seal with ornament
Handmade spring flower tag with poppies and peony flower
Vintage girl in photoframe with flowers and lace
Details of lace on handmade mixed media spring flower tag
Pink peony flower with glitter on handmade vintage pocket tag
Yellow poppy flower
Pink peony flower on a handmade mixed media spring tag by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Backside of handmade spring mixed media tag with pocket and flowers
Yllow rose wax seal with ribbon on a pocket tag with lace and glitters
Speckles and flowers on a handmade spring tag by Ingeborg van Zuiden
DEtails of handmade vintage flower tag in spring colours
Spring flower art
Yellow wax seal with rose and venice lace floral appilques
Vintage girl in photoframe
Pink spring flower with glitter
Details of floral venice lace appliques
Handmade spring flower tag with vintage girl
Butterfly in frame with lace applique flowers
Yellow poppy flower and acrylic dots
Handmade pink yellow spring tag with pocket and ribbons

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