Daisy Lady folio

Handmade daisy folio with notecards by Ingeborg Weijman

Hi there,

Well…… things are improving, i’ve managed to take new pictures. The lighting is still not the best of the best, but i’m satisfied with them. This handmade folio is more or less in creme, whites and yellow colours and so I guess that’s why the pictures look a bit more yellow. It gives me a great feeling to be back on some kind of track again. I’m still in a rollercoaster of emotions, good and sad. But the good are winning slowly and i’m gaining back some sort of balance. It’s difficult, but I start to getting used to my new situation. But it’s weird though, because…… how do you behave when you’ve become a widow?! Stupid thoughts like that pass my mind, but alas I do throw them to God and He’ll lead me and gives me wisdom and discernment. Foremost I follow my heart, with whatever situation I have to deal with.

Anyway, this mixed media project is finished. It’s a fun little folio with some notecards, tags and booklets. I added the pretty pink lace daisies here and there. Originally they were white but I dyed them with some stamping ink that I’d put on a glass plate and adding water to it and dipping the flowers into the mixture. Very simple! I hope you enjoy my latest project and feel inspired. I’m off for some rest. Enjoy today! Tomorrow may never come!

Handmade mixed media style folio with Paris Eiffel tower bottlecap and notecards
Details of glitter and florals
Handmade floral folio in vintage floral style
Frontside of notebooklet with ribbon
Backside of flip notebook
Pretty daisy lady with ephemera
Details of lace flowers and Eiffel tower bottlecap decoration
Backside of handmade floral vintage folio with lace daisies and notebook insert
Details of pretty flowers and ribbons for vintage daisy folio by Ingeborg Weijman
Handmade vintage style ephemera for handmade daisy floral folio
Details of writing paper and notebook inside handmade vintage style folio
Content of handmade vintage floral daisy folio by Ingeborg van Zuiden Weijman
Vintage floral mixed media folio details with lace daisy flowers and medaillon
Tuck corner with note paper
Handmade notecard in vintage victorian style
Handmade vintage style tag with bird and flowers
Vintage library card decor with lace daisy flower
Handmade vintage style note tags
Handmade vintage floral tag with ribbons
Backside of handmade vintage style paper tag with seam binding ribbon and ephemera

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