Book for Christmas

Vintage angel

Good Sunday everyone!

Another Christmas project to show off today. I created this little Christmas booklet in vintage victorian style the other day. I wanted to make a couple of pockets inside to tuck in little notes and labels. The book is closed with two bronze chains on which i’ve hung dangles and charms. The back and front of this mini Christmas book have paper rosettes. I hope you like it! Only 2 more days to go! Let Christmas shine a huge light over this world. Throw out your cellphones and instead hang around with your loved ones. Oh….. and start using your internet only with cables. W I F I is bad for your health! Just a tip from this young old grandma. Future will prove past.
Anyway…… enjoy this Sunday!



Handmade Christmas booklet with vintage angel and rosette
Front of handmade Christmas booklet with angel and roses
First two pages of Christmas booklet with pastel flowers and pocket with labels
First inside page with red robin and pastel pink roses in Christmas style
Note and label with Christmas booklet
Heartfelt Creations pink Poinsettia flowers
Pocket with notes and poinsettia flower
Pastel Christmas booklet with notecards by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Pocket with labels for Christmas
Mixed media art for Christmas by Ingeborg van Zuiden Weijman
Two pages in the Christmas book with shabby details
Pastel flowers and Christmas squirrel
Christmas Squirrel
Pocket in the Christmas booklet with paper tags
Inside shabby chic pink floral pages of Christmas book
Christmas labels
Victorian angel with Heartfelt Creations poinsettia flowers in pink by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Inside of handmade mixed media Christmas booklet by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Christmas label
Christmas robin with candle
Details of pages inside handmade Christmas book with pastel flowers, birds and wishes
Inside notecard of handmade Christmas book by Ingeborg
Pastel Christmas book by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Closure of handmade Christmas book
Chain closure on Christmas book
Faith chain on handmade Christmas book by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Handmade beaded dangle with filligree star flower

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