Birdie pocket tag

handmade inspirational tag with bird and bronze metal flowers by Ingeborg van Zuiden

Hi there!

Another handmade mixed media pocket tag I created. This time in a natural theme with a pretty bird and lots of greenery. I love greens! Today was not a good day here, as my husband had to prune our wall of greenery in the backyard. All of our neighbours are complaining about too much green, pffff. People can act so petty, and have zero tolerance these days. Everything has to go their way or no way. So what was the matter…… we have a wall of Prunus Laurocerasus which we enjoy a lot as a lot of birds are housing in it, day in and out. They come to sing and seek shelter there and it makes our garden so much more joyful. It’s planted 1 metre from the borders, but has grown wide and at the top it tends to spoil over the border. On two sides of our garden we have a kind of militaristic people that don’t tolerate one leaf on their plot. In my humble opinion they don’t live! You should hear them shuffle and being irritated during the fall when all the leaves fall. Every leaf needs to be confiscated immediately, as their gardens need to be in crispy clean condition. Then they demonstratively start to prune the overhanging leaves etc. When we came to live in this house they almost immediately started to moan about the two trees in our garden, and that that green wall was too big and in the front garden the bush was too big and another tree to high etc. We weren’t even moved in yet!!!! Then my husband got a heart attack during our move, and he couldn’t do anything for a long time. They didn’t even ask to help us, or anything. They don’t talk to us, as we’re not from this area. We speak a different tongue. They don’t have any humor, are always grumpy because you don’t act as they would like you to act. Whatever! We’ve tried too much already to please them, but we’re done with that. They simply don’t want to have a good contact. Now my husband has cut the wall, haha, but not to their pleasure. He’s cut the sides nice and clean so that they now only look at a piece of naked wood. Problemo solved 😍😅🌲 Pissoshitos! Pfffff….. When will some people awake????!
Thank God the place of dance is within my soul!

Enjoy today! Tomorrow may never come!
Handmade mixed media pocket paper tag by Ingeborg van Zuiden Weijman

Kindness is the ability to know
what the right thing to do is
and having the courage to do it!

Details of glitter splashes and flowers
Beautiful bird on a branch of flowers
Backside of handmade mixed media pocket tag. The pocket insert is behind the music paper
Pretty bronze coloured flower with bling heart
Details of glitter splashes and bronze metal filligree flower with pearls
The Place of dance is within your soul!
Details of lace and bronze metal embellishment
Details of floral fussycut
Bronze metal filligree flower
Handmade mixed media tag with bird and flowers by Ingeborg van Zuiden

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