Beautiful flowers

Details of handmade notecard hanger with purple flowers and vintage girl

Where there is love there is life!

Handmade tag with purple flowers

Hi there,

Now, this girl on my handmade tag with beautiful flowers does not look too happy huh? But at that time she posed for that photo-op she didn’t know yet she would end up on my piece of art in between all those gorgeous purple flowers! 😍 I bet she’s much happier now looking down from space onto my blogpost, don’t you think?

That’s a bit of how life goes…… isn’t it? We never know what tomorrow brings. We’re not happy today, though can be completely transformed tomorrow due to one or another bad or good experience. One day were happy, and in a split second your whole life can change for the worse. I know what i’m talking about, because i’ve experienced it myself from a young age off, several times. That’s why I always say ‘Enjoy today, tomorrow may never come’. That’s why I am very ‘agressive’ on promoting truth and sometimes throwing it into your face. The truth is ugly sometimes, especially when you’ve been getting warnings in a more softer way and ignored them. But at the end…… truth is the ultimate life elixer, life changer, moral compass, the light, the love, it’s God! Being confrontive with difficult truth can hurt, or better said….. it mostly hurts, even if that was not your intention. Especially when it goes against what you’ve put energy into your whole life and would mean you’ve followed the wrong path your whole life! Your rejective reaction on such harsh truth is called ‘cognitive dissonance’. Well…… people, i’ve got news for you……. in case you don’t know it yet…… I can tell you….. almost all you’ve been taught in life is based on lies! But the good thing is….. we are in it together! We all have been lied to by all kinds of authorities, religious leaders, institutions etc. We’ve been kept in the dark for ages and were led astray as sheep to the slaughter house on purpose!! I can’t tell you what all this implies in my blogposts. It’s simply too much for me to tell this way since i’m limited due to health issues. I’ve tried to tell some people or even make a beginning with it, but most people are so brainwashed, they simply don’t want to know the truth, and are immediately offended by my approach. Times are very difficult right now. Main problem, in my humble opinion: social media. People don’t physically meet and talk to each other anymore, don’t look into each other’s eyes anymore, don’t get to use their senses anymore. When you have a physical conversation you see the smiles, you hear the emphasis, you sense the importance, you get the tone in the voices and feel the intentions and it simply is all so much quicker being told than by email or through a blogpost! People don’t fight for each other anymore. I cannot understand that AT ALL. My heart and soul cry over that day in and out. I really hate social media for that. It destroyed so many relationships! The devil is behind it!!! It promotes division, the Self, me myself and I, and foremost has brought an explosion of narcissism. And that, ladies and gentlemen is exactly the purpose of those platforms! It has good sides as well, but that was not the intention of the makers of those platforms. It’s the so called new world order that’s behind it. They want us divided and fighting each other. And there we meet each other……. intentions. The intention should always be to promote God’s world order. Trying to restore what’s wrong and move on and do better. When i’m telling the Truth I always have a GOOD intention, even though telling the truth is difficult sometimes. The truth is the truth; it’s a force of nature!

Now……. We HAVE to intent to strive to unity, telling each other truth and love each other, ALWAYS! That means that sometimes we have to face some ugly truths and fight for one another and fight for the light in the darkness. And that’s exactly the point where we are right now in this world and where we will meet again in unity. It is the only way to combat evil: to unite and stay humble! One beautiful purple flower can light up a whole field of grass, but a huge field of purple flowers have much more impact and power!

Where there is love there is light! Where is the love??? When you don’t love you don’t live! We all have to really do our best to restore ourselves and come back together. Soon, that will happen! These songs ‘Purple Rain’ and ‘Where no one stands alone’ and ‘How great Thou art’ came into my mind……………. Now when it comes to ‘How GREAT THOU art……. I tell you now……. we will soon be singing that together!!! You’ll see!!! IN IT TOGETHER! May God bless you!
Handmade tag with purple and bronze flowers and vintage girl by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Details of iridescent flakes
Vintage girl photo with purple flowers

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