Love hurts


I was so mixed up that I attached the wrong video with no music of mine in it at all. I’m so sorry! I’ve done more stupid things the past weeks like paying rent for our house twice. putting coffee in the fridge and that kind of typical things that go their own way when you’re in mourning. But all comes around at the end.

This is a video with some of my needlework art. In the background you can hear me sing one of my own songs. It was a song that was played on my dear husband’s funeral. It’s called ‘Adolescent Love’ and was written and composed for me in the eighties by Ed van Baaren & Maarten Langelaar.

I am really sad, totally out of control and I miss him so so much. Words really can’t describe how much. I feel so alone and as if i’m missing half of my body. Our love is pure and everlasting. So, what better than to share this song. Music says it all. I can think of more songs like ‘I’m hurt’, ‘Love hurts’, ‘I will always love you’, ‘All alone am I’ etc etc but I didn’t want to complain much. This video is a bit of art and a bit of music. Just to fill in the gap. I hope your day is better than mine!

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