Where all broken hearts meet

Memory wire bracelet with purple heart flowers and tassels by Ingeborg van Zuiden Weijman

Dear reader,

I created this purple gold bracelet on ‘memory’ wire and with matching earrings with those lovely purple flowers which are resembling a circle of hearts when you give them a close look. Circles of hearts make gorgeous flowers, don’t you think?! Isn’t that what life is all about…………….. a circle of life is a circle of hearts? Where hearts are with each other there is a circle of love, a homecoming! Love the most high energy: GOD, our Creator. God created us in his image. When I was creating this bracelet some flowers were broken…….. hence they were broken hearts. As if it was meant to be……… hoppa they go right into the bin to be ‘recycled’. You have to learn the lesson that you don’t take the love you get from someone for granted and don’t step onto ones heart. You have to go ‘inside’ each other, inner-stand so to speak, to make the heart go round. A broken heart comes from a lack of love and genuine attention. A heart is something to really take good care of. Just like a flower. Be careful not to step onto it. A flower is there to shine, just like your heart is. But when it’s broken it suffers. Just like a flower, when it’s broken. A funny little tale …………. about what my dear husband always does in our garden when a flower is broken……. he goes inside, brings out tape and puts a tape around its stem and starts talking to it as if it’s his baby. He always does that. He is a very righteous man. By the way….. plants have feelings too! When you water them, feed them, they start singing! It’s true!!! Anyway, he’s very much trying to live in God’s image. But beware…. when you break God’s heart. That’s what you see happening on earth right now. God is bringing back law and order. His law and order are written in the Holy Bible. Speaking about the Bible……. did you know that there are more than 700 books missing from the Bible?! Did you know the forces of darkness have been hiding the truth about Yeshua Christ. When you would do your research, you would find out. God gave his Son to liberate us from sin. And God does it again!!! Do NOT worship the SUN. Worship the SON, Yeshua Christ. Remember Yeshua said: I am the way the truth and the life!!! Only when you know Yeshua in your heart, you come to the Father.

We have to work hard (or heart?) now to patch our hearts up together. So I would suggest….. grab your needle and thread and let God help you to mend our broken hearts. You could of course also bring tape along, as long as your intention and foremost ACTion are genuine. Love comes from the heart, from the RIGHT side, through the word of God. Love one another, then you can’t go much wrong!!! We are not perfect, but when you try to do your best, and ask for forgiveness genuinely in prayer through Yeshua Christ, you will be forgiven and you’ll be liberated. That’s the truth!!! After the lessons to be learned we can then finally enjoy a repaired heart. Put it all at the feet of Yeshua Christ. Only through him you come to the Father and Mother. Did you know Yeshua Christ was married to Mary Magdalene and that they got children too? Oh sooooooooo many things have been hidden from us!!! Do your research!!!

May God bless you and choose wisely.
God our source creator is the ONLY ONE!
Religion wants to divide us. There are no holy religious leaders. There is only ONE leader and he’s inside you: the Christ. The Kingdom of God is within you! You’ll find this truth in the Holy Bible (Luke 17)

Listen to all the music i’ve attached in my blogpost. So many messages in them! WE ME! WE are the world. U ni (uni) verse (song). Lets all sing the same song! It’s all in the music! Go back to higher ground! I love Barbra Streisands (predictive) album ‘Higher Ground’. Everything you see unfolding now, was prepared when the album was recorded. She planted the seed and now comes the flower! Genious! What MATTERS in your garden of life??? And how much work do you put into your garden of life? And from which tree did you come to grow?

My heart was broken so long ago, but thank God for all the embroidery thread and tape in my craftroom, hahaha. Love to you all! We’ll meet again, don’t know where don’t know when. Do know that I AM WAITING FOR YOU, because MY LOVE FOR YOU WILL NEVER END!

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Gold and purple bling bling bracelet

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Purple gold bracelet with purple heart bead flowers and faceted beads by Ingeborg van Zuiden
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