Turquoise for the ears

Turquoise gold earrings by Ingeborg
Turquoise blue angel earrings

Good Friday!

I’m so behind with everything and am feeling so tired! I hope you are doing well! Tons of little finished projects to be photographed and I really need to clean up my craftroom. It is one big mess! I keep staring around, totally blocked on where to start in this mess. Art everywhere! Great, but it’s simply too much. I need a bigger house, haha! It’s still hot in the house. The heat is gone outside, but inside it’s still warm. It takes ages before it becomes a bit fresh after such a long heat period outside. What a hot summer this was, pfffff……. but thank God it’s now starting to slow down. We now have temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius so that’s much better. Great cool weather to share these cool turquoise blue batch of earrings with a fine golden touch. No beadwoven earrings this time, but just ‘regular’ ones. I’d created these months ago already and they were waiting in line to be shared. My favorite ones are the angels, of course, and then the square glass beaded ones. I love those square beads. So pretty! I hope this little batch finds you well today. I’m off for organizing some more stuff! I hope you will have a wonderful weekend ahead! Stay positive, pray, have hope in your heart, be fearless and enjoy today!

Blue gold angel earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Turquoise blue shamballa angel earrings
Blue angels earrings
Angel earrings
Turquoise square bling earrings
Gold heart earrings with turquoise chips and shamballa beads
Blue heart earrings
Gouden oorbellen met turquoise kralen
Set of turquoise earrings
Blue angel earrings
gold turquoise beaded earrings
turquoise glass bead earrings
Heart earrings

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