Turquoise beads

Turquoise blue bead weaving earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden

Dear reader,

It is slowly getting a bit cooler here in the Netherlands. Only a couple more days to go with temperatures around the 30 degrees Celsius. I’d be so happy when the cooler fall season sets in! I just can’t stand the heat. If i’ve really learned one thing about myself over the past years it is that I could never live in the Southern hemisphere, pfffff………. We are even thinking of moving more up North where it normally is a bit cooler. But those are just brainstorms at the moment. It’s not a good time to move at all.

So……. I managed to take more pictures of my finished pieces of jewelry as you can see and thought to share them with you today. I’m so in love with this beadweaving thing! It truly is very addictive, but i’m repeating myself in every blogpost about beading I think, hehe. Nevertheless, here are some pretty turquoise blue earrings again plus some white blue star earrings with those gorgeous blue glowy iridescent Swarovski pearls.

Enjoy today!


Swarovski pearl star earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden

Details of white star earrings with pretty iridescent Swarovski pearls and crystal AB Miyuki drop and Superduo beads

Backside of turquoise bead weaving pendant with Swarovski Rivoli, superduo and Miyuki beads

This is a photo where you can see the front and the backside of the earrings.

Blue Swarovski star pearl earrings
Turquoise blauwe oorbellen met bloemhangers door Ingeborg van Zuiden Weijman
Turquoise pendant earrings with Swarovski rivoli stone, pearls, Superduo beads and Miyuki beads

Turquoise bead weaving pendant with pearls and superduo beads by Ingeborg van Zuiden

For these mandala earrings I used silver and turquoise Miyuki galvanized seed beads, Superduo’s and a crystal AB Swarovski rivoli stone in the center.

Turquoise blue earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Blue beaded earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Turquoise bling earrings with bicone beads
Blue Swarovski pendant earrings with Miyuki beads by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Turquoise blue earrings with bling bling pearls and strass
White blue star earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Handmade blue earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden Weijman
Blue bicone earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden Weijman
Blue Swarovski earrings by Ingeborg
Blue turquoise beadwoven earrings with Swarovski rivoli stones and pearls
Handmade blue earrings with pearls and bicone beads

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