Spring angels earrings

Handmade gold yellow angel earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden

After sharing my spring memory wire bracelet I follow up with this batch op happy golden spring angels. I’d bought a mix of yellow glass beads and there were tons of pretty miracle beads inside of the bag, and so I had to create some of these pretty lucky angel earrings with using the miracle beads. I love the shine of those miracle beads. It’s so much fun to create these tiny lucky angels. They make great gifts. People love to receive angels! I do too…. which reminds me of an angel i once got as a gift. My dear husband was in the hospital for open heart surgery and I was at his side every day for almost four weeks. Next to him was a Moroccan man and his children came to visit him too, every day. They were very loyal to their dad. It was very touching. They were very social and shared food with us and were so kind! One day, the daughter came sitting next to me and asked me if I was always the only visitor. I told her we were on our own always, and she hugged me and told me very kind things to encourage me and my husband. That was so sweet. The next day, same thing, we were all there, the girl came up to me and gave me a little bag. I opened it up and there was a tiny little silver stone angel. She said that that way I would never have to be alone and the angel would watch over me when I was alone at home, while my husband was so far away in the hospital in Nieuwegein. Needless to tell of my tears and the wonderful feeling that gave me. It’s now 7 years ago and the angel is still by my side. Isn’t that wonderful?! It’s such a precious memory, that I will never ever forget anymore. I hope you will receive plenty of angels too!



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Yellow miracle earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden
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