Set in stone pendants

Handmade pink orange red pendant with miracle, seed and czech crystal beads

Hello there!

I was in for sharing this set of bright coloured pendants or hangers that I created a while ago. These are my miracle hangers set in stone. I mean….. set in rivoli stones of course. What can I say about them? I used metallic Miyuki seed beads and miracle beads for these. The yellow gold hanger with the Venetian look has Czech flower dangles and I used pretty yellow gold Irisduo beads as well as Khéops beads for that one. I love to make pendants or brooches! I’ve said it before… I want to live forever when it comes to creating! I so much love to make pretty things like these. Behind the scened i’m currently on a roll when it comes to creating. I’m in mixed media mode right now and have created so many folio’s, cards, tags and things like that. I might hire a photographer to convert it to my digital world, haha. Sometimes it’s like a little factory in my craftroom. Oh oh, but where do I store it all, pffff, haha. My husband always says how he feels like he’s in heaven when he comes to see what i’ve been creating. That’s probably why I just can’t stop creating. It does feel as if i’m in heaven too. Creating is one of the highest forms of energy. When I create I can ‘forget’ a bit of the pain in my body. But boy, when I need to get out of my room…. that’s hell on earth I must say. Anyway, here are three of my latest pendants. I hope you enjoy the vibrant colour splashes! Have a beautiful weekend, and stay ready for THE STORM! It is coming, I keep saying it, it’s coming for sure! I’m almost having my birthday and I think it’s going to be a hell of a party! One thing is for sure, I will celebrate it like never before! Enjoy today! Tomorrow may never come!

Ingeborg van Zuiden Weijman
Details of miracle and seed beads in a handmade bead weaving brooch or hanger
Details of handmade red gold bead weaving pendants with dangling flowers by Ingeborg van Zuiden

God works miracles in the worst of circumstances

Handmade gold yellow bead weaving pendant with irisduo and Khéops beads. I added pretty floral dangles to it created with Czech glass flowers and acrylic flowers. The Rivoli is a 18mm AB crystal Swarovski stone.
Handmade set of three bead weaving pendants with rivoli stones and miracle beads by Ingeborg van Zuiden Weijman
Shine bright like a diamond pendant with Czech crystals in orange, a pretty red pink rivoli stone in the heart and Swarovski pearls as well as miracle beads
handmade beaded hanger with Miyuki metal beads and pearls
Handmade beaded pendant with miracle beads
Handmade Venetian look pendant with Miyuki beads and AB Swarovski rivoli stone in gold yellow and red by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Details van een broche met kralen en Swarovski 18mm rivoli steen. Ik heb hier  goudkleurige irisduo en Khéops kralen gebruikt, gecombineerd met miracle en parel kralen.
Handmade beaded pendant with pearls, seed beads, rivoli stone and bicone beads
Set of three beaded pendants in red gold orange and pink colours. They all have rivoli stones and miracle beads.
Drie hangers gemaakt met Miyuki seed beads, miracle kralen, parels, duo kralen en bicone kralen. De hanger met AB Swarovski rivoli steen heeft goudkleurige irisduo en Khéops kralen.

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