Royal stars

handmade beadweaving brooches bracelet and earrings

Hello there!

Royal stars is what I came up with when I was thinking about a title for this blogpost. I am, the people are, now owning the word ‘Royal’ as there’s nothing really royal about the real royals as we’ve known them. You can find tons of evidence about the truth about royals online.🤮😪 So…… i’m now ‘owning’ these ‘royal’ stars, and there’s nothing lied about that! 😆I created these beadwoven pendants with so much pleasure. I love the bling effect of the beautiful Swarovski crystal stones in the heart of them. The royal blue and purples make it even more special. These are true royal stars I think! I used galvanized gold Miyuki seed, drop and delica beads, as well as Czech firepolish beads and Superduo’s. On the first photo is a bracelet and a pair of star earrings, which I will share in a separate post later. I hope all is well with you!

Two handmade beadweaving brooches with Rivoli stones
Beaded brooch by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Purple beadweaving brooch with superduo and Swarovski rivoli stone
Mauve superduo brooch with gold Miyuki seed beads and Swarovski rivoli stone
Handmade purple green gold brooch
Handmade brooch with superduo beads by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Blue purple brooch
Handmade brooches with beads
Purple blue superduo brooch
Golden star brooch

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