Round and round we go

handmade pastel pink memory wire bracelet with gold findings by Ingeborg van Zuiden Weijman

Round and round we go…….. with this memory wire bracelet but also forever and ever. This almost never ending bracelet reminded me of a songtext of one of Barbra Streisands greatest songs called ‘Circle’ from my favorite album ‘Higher Ground’. That album is written for NOW! Wow! So I took the name of this blogpost as inspiration from that gorgeous music.

I have special memories on a wire from the time that album came out. How cool are memories?!!! They are so important and serve such great purposes for all the ‘lessons to be learned’. How could we otherwise connect with ourselves from a different point of view? How else could we see our progress in life, and what a journey we made so far?! How else could we have those special moments going back in time, and wishing it was as if it was now?! Anyway, I love memories, memory wire, whatever circles and cycles. It’s all wonderful! I even have my own song called ‘Memories’ which i’ll attach here in this blogpost. It was written and composed in 1984 especially for my belated father, who now is in heaven.

I created this memory wire bracelet a long while ago, but finally managed to get it on here. Isn’t it pretty?! I love the dangles and the strass rondelles, the shiny miracle beads and the golden findings. Memory wire bracelets are so great, as they are so easy to create and to wear. You can easily slip them on and off and the circles can go on and on, haha. I’ve not touched beads for a long time now. Still very much occupied with taking care of my dear husband and myself. We are having a very difficult time, but i’m sure soon it will all be over. God is already walking among us, and I know the plan He has for us! You will be so so amazed. Turn your eyes upon Jesus Christ. Christ consciousness is THE KEY!!! There is only ONE way to find the light and that is through Jesus Christ. Just like Jesus said: “I am the way the truth and the life”. Only through Him you will come to the Father and mother!!! May God bless you and I hope you will find Christ!!! Pray for all the great patriots on earth who are fighting and risking their lives for liberating us!!!


Round and round we go – 213

Make America Christian Again – 213
Fully Enlightened one – 213
America will be unified again – 213
Divine Communication – 213
The Living word of God – 213
I love you forever – 213
Dark night of the soul – 213
Diana Princess of Wales – 213
Hallelujah Lord Jesus – 213
Let go of resentment – 213
Highest Authority – 213
Lover of the Truth – 213
Get over yourself – 213
I love you anyway – 213
Yeshua loves you – 213
Fight for survival – 213
Feel the power of love – 213
Its about the children – 213

Handmade memory wire bracelet with pastel pink beads and gold findings, dangles and cross charm

Ingeborg singing ‘Memories’

Details of pink pastel beads and gold metal findings
Detail of pink dangles with tassel and heart
Memory wire bracelet with pink beads and gold charm, pearly dangles and strass detail
Pink beads on a bracelet
Strass rondelles and pretty pink beads
Soft pink Memory wire bracelet with flower beads by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Carry a cross dangles
Round and round we go
Details of pink shamballa beads and miracle beads
Pretty shiny pearls and pink detailed dangles on a handmade memory wire bracelet by Ingeborg van Zuiden Weijman
Memory wire armband met roze en gouden kralen, hangers en bedels door Ingeborg van Zuiden Weijman

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