Round and round in white

White strass bracelet details

Good morning!

Wow, it’s stormy weather here in the Netherlands. The skies are as white, silver and grey as the two bracelets i’m sharing today. Round and round in white. Like a never ending circle. Storms come and go. And I keep on dropping bead bombs, haha. A bracelet is a never ending cirlcle too. I love it; I love circles! I think creating jewelry is one of my most passionate things to do. Maybe the utmost. The past years i’ve been pondering on ‘what is my utmost passion’ and slowly I think I am coming to a concrete conclusion that it is creating with beads. I have created earrings since I was very young. I used to sell my earrings during the holidays when we were at a camping. I remember sitting there with a velvet cloth displaying all of the earrings I created and selling them. They were hot selling items then. It was so much fun. Creating more and more earrings, because people wanted them. Like a never ending circle, haha. Anyway, here are two white silver bracelets. I’ve used elastic as the base for them. They are quite simple to make actually. I hope you feel inspired! Enjoy today! Tomorrow may never come!



White silver bracelets by Ingeborg van Zuiden
White pearl strass bracelet by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Details of pearl dangle with heart and strass beads
Details of strass beads and tassel dangle
Details of white silver bracelets with strass shamballa beads
White faux pearl dangles
Handmade white faux pearl bracelet with silver bead caps by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Handmade elastic bracelet with faux pearl rings and strass beads
White bling
Shamballa beads
Rings of strass
Transparant AB flat shaped beads in between the rings of pearl beads
Beautiful AB shine on strass beads and faceted beads
Silver white bracelet with faux pearl beads and ab faceted beads
Bling bling
Details of pearl beads and silver bead caps on elastic bracelet
White bracelets by Ingeborg van Zuiden

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