Red lines on the hand

Red pearl memory wire bracelet with shamballa beads

Hi there!

I was thinking of ‘red line in the sand’ when I was thinking of a title for this blogpost lol, but that probably doesn’t make any sense to my readers lol, so I twisted (like you can do with one of these memory wire bracelets, haha) the words around and came up with this title. Anyway…… Again two projects finished and sharing with you. One memory wire bracelet and one on elastic threading. Again, it was fun to create these. Fun and easy! I made these a while ago already, and where still in my ‘to share folder’. I am soooooooooo much behind with everything! Somehow this year is so crazy. I can’t keep up with everything anymore. Even not in my garden. I haven’t bought any annual planting this year. That’s the first time ever, when I remember correctly. So weird! Not that I don’t have enough green in my garden, but somehow I do miss all the pretty annual flowers. I won’t go out and buy them this year. Next year better. I hope this little post finds you well. Take good care of yourself and stay safe! Brace for impact! The world is on the brink of a huge change!

Red beaded bracelet with gold findings
Details of Red pearl memory wire bracelet with shamballa beads
Red pink magical bracelet with bling
Handmade red gold bracelet with miracle beads
Handmade red bling memory wire bracelet with golden findings
Red gold bracelet on elastic
Details of wooden beads
Red memory wire bracelet by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Red pearl memory wire bracelet with shamballa beads
Details of gold and red beads

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