Purples and paisleys

Purple blue bead weaving bracelets with Paisley Duo

A new batch of handmade beadwoven bracelets.
Not much to say anymore. It’s been a long road to get to this point in time.
The world is about to change. I tried to tell warn you. See ya!

I let the purples and paisleys speak for themselves today and share some music…

Purples and Paisleys 232

God is speaking to you 232
You are my sunshine 232
Manifestation of abundance 232
They are all transgender 232
Christmas coming early 232
The future begins now 232
I can feel your anger and hate 232
You make your choices 232
Glorious demolition 232
Holy spirit on earth 232
I know you I see you 232
Betelgeuse Supernova 232
Storm coming warning 232
Justice for the children 232
Center of the Universe 232
The spirit of truth 232
I am so happy and grateful 232
Justice is what is needed 232
Second son coming soon 232

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