Pink berry sweet

Pink shamballa beaded bracelet

Hello there,

It’s a ‘berry’ beautiful day here in the Netherlands with a bright sun and nice weather. Rain is expected this week, so we will be enjoying our afternoon in the garden today, before it’s over with the fun, haha.

I thought it was a great day to share this berry sweet handmade bracelet I created. I used berry beads, or shamballa beads, whatever they are named and also golden spacers, pink crystal bicone beads and pink pearls.

I hope this short post will find you well!
I will be back soon with many many more beads. I am having so much fun with creating earrings these days. Tons more that I have to share with you still. And i’m not exaggerating! It looks like a store inside my craftroom. My husband always tells me he feels like being in heaven when he comes into my room. I always take that as such a big compliment and that makes me happy that even a man can feel that when coming into my fairy beautiful world! Anyway………….. why don’t you try some beads yourself today as well! It is so relaxing and really not difficult to do. Take some elastic thread, a needle, some pretty beads, string them the way you like and make a double knot. Then put a little drop of Hasulith glue on the knot, let it dry, and then after an hour or so, cut the excess thread and you are ready to go!

Blessing Ingeborg
Handmade pink pearl shamballa bracelet by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Pearl bracelet with pink shamballa beads
Pink pearl bracelet
Pink berry beaded bracelet

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