Perfect chaos

Details of AB vitrail baroque cabochons

Good Monday!

What a chaos we are living in right now, isn’t it?! But chaos is very helpful and inspirational! Chaos forces us to put things back into order! And that’s exactly what is happening right now. All things in universe are being realigned. Time to start all over again with a clean slate! From dark to light, haha!

Anyway……. a funny bridge to this bracelet I had started. I picked those gorgeous vitrail baroque cabochon beads for this bracelet project and was happily beading and then I found out i’d made a mistake. So I tried to figure out the fastest way to get to the mistake and I figured i’d only had to go a couple of repetitive patterns back into my beading and cut those to come to the point of the mistake. So I happily picked up my scissors and started cutting…………………………. ON THE WRONG SIDE!!! Tssssss………………. now I was in even more troubles, hahaha. So then I decided to cut the whole thing up and start all over again. Sometimes you just have to start all over again, even with beading projects. How does that apply to the current situations in this world?! Isn’t it magical how everything reflects? God has made everything perfect to let order and chaos play its ‘games’. At the end a beautiful new creation will form when order and chaos work together. Message:

Never ever give up and just try it again!

Starting all over again
Beadweaving bracelet with cabochons
Bead soup chaos
Half way bracelet
Baroque cabochon beads
Green yellow black beadweaving bracelet start

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