On fire with beads

Details of orange pink lilac bead weaving bracelets with neon Swarovski pearls and superduo beads
Set of three handmade bracelet with duo beads

And so it’s almost the end of April already, but…… nothing is what it seems! Time doesn’t exist anyway, so not important at all. But but but……. somehow we are still operating in or around a matrix timeline, so I won’t be a bad girl, hahaha. Anyway, yes….. almost sliding into the beautiful colourful floral season. I’ve seen the first rose buds formed already! Soon the season will be on fire. Just like these bracelets are. I had to come up with a title for this blogpost and of course the neon coloured pearl beads were asking furiously for attention. I was on fire with these beads, haha. Now, neon colours are not my ‘thing’. I’d bought all kinds of Swarovski pearls last year and also received these bright orange ones to my surprise. Reviewing my order…………… yes, indeed, I did order them myself, but the pictures didn’t match the description of the beads. So I chose the picture when ordering, instead of reading it was neon. Some people are stupid sometimes, haha. We all make mistakes. That’s how we learn. Just lessons to be learned. I had to laugh about it and thought of very famous scenes from ‘Allo Allo’ where ‘René’ said to his wife ‘you stupid woman’ 🤣. So I said ‘you stupid woman’ to myself for not reading the description well with ordering. Now I won’t ever order them again, haha, but of course I now have some of these fire pearls in my stash and as they are quite expensive I had to make the best use of them as I could. And this is what the end result is then. I think it worked out quite interesting. Great eye catcher, isn’t it?! I combined the neon orange with pink and red, to draw the colours somewhat together. It was nice to play with fire for a change 🤩. I created these bracelets last year, can you believe?! So much still to take pictures of and share. Lot’s of fun in the creative space! I hope you feel inspired and fired up when seeing these colours today! Keep away from fire! It’s going to be a very hot summer anyway!

On fire with beads 158

Perfect Storm 158

Truth is hot 158

Stupid people 158

Jesus is light 158

A burst of light 158

Storm tweet 158

God is good!!! 158

The big earthquake 158

Who dares wins 158

Orange Flowers 158

Dove of oneness 158

Guided back to light 158

Handmade pink orange bracelet with duo beads and Swarovski neon pearls
Details of neon coloured Swarovski pearls and bivone beads
Handmade bead woven bracelet in lilac purple and pink orange colours
Bead weaving bracelet with neon Swarovski pearls and Miyuki drop beads
Handmade pink lilac orange beaded bracelets
Details of bicone beads with pearl rounds and superduo beads
Armband met knoop en tjechische kralen door Ingeborg van Zuiden Weijman
Detail of neon Swarovski pearls and superduo beads
Bicone bracelet with superduo and pearls
Handmade bracelets with pearls and crystals
Handmade bracelet with pearl beads and superduo beads
Pearl beads in handmade bracelets
Handmade ginko bracelet with czech crystals and Miyuki seed beads
Details of lilac crystals and Ginko beads with orange pearls
Detail of handmade bead weaving bracelet with mother of pearl button closure and ginko beads
Details of handmade bracelets with pearls and superduo beads
Three handmade bead woven bracelets with duo beads and crystals by Ingeborg van Zuiden Weijman

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