Miraculous beads

Pink pearl miracle bracelet on elastic

Hello there!

I managed to take some new pictures of my latest creative splashes. This time it’s this bracelet and earrings featuring miraculous beads. I really sometimes am mesmerized by the beauty of such a simple item as a bead or beads. They come in so many varieties shapes and sizes, colours and textures, handmade or bulk produced. Whatever they are, they are simply a miracle. They have such a long history as well. They say they were around about 40.000 years ago. Can you believe it?! Anyway, I just can’t get enough of beads. The pretty miracle beads, the golden findings, strass, name it……… you can wake me up in the middle of the night to take a peak in the bead stash, haha. Here is a quite simple elastic bracelet with a gold toned dangle on which i’ve added an acrylic cabochon as well as a bling flower so that it’s pretty on both sides. Also a fairly simple pair of earrings with pink wooden ball beads and filligree heartshaped connectors.
I hope you are doing good today!

Handmade pink elastic bracelet by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Strass flower dangle
Pink bracelet with miracle beads and coral pink dangle
Dangle with strass flower
Pink wooden earrings with gold filligree hearts by Ingeborg van Zuiden

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