Magestic Pink

Handmade magenta pink miracle earrings with drop beads

Hello there!

We’re still here. I hope you are hanging in during these turbulent times! Hold on, help is on the way, i’d like to say. Pray for peace, pray when you feel lonely, afraid, down. Pray when you feel good and be thankful for all you experience. Pray for healing and pray for the people who are fighting for justice and are working on fighting evil as well. We are having great weather here in the Netherlands, except those terrible chemtrails that are heating up the sun, grrrrr. I’ve hardly been outside, except for half an hour sitting in my garden in the sun to get some fresh air. I keep on playing around with my beads and stuff, as if nothing is the matter. I just love it and that helps me going through the days. So here are a bunch of ‘majestic pink’ earrings I’ve created. I hope you stay safe and keep the good spirits up!


Handmade magenta gold earrings with shamballa beads
Pink white earrings with gold toned findings
Pink UFO earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Pink smile earrings
Pink white earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Magestic pink bling earrings with gold toned floral findings
Pink gold earrings by Ingeborg
Magenta bling drop earrings
Bronze pink floral drop earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Pink earrings with crochet flowers by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Pink ball earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Pink bling bling earrings
Pink gold earrings with a smile
Handmade pink earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Pink gold earrings with crochet flowers

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