Into Fall mode

Details of handmade bead weaving bracelets with duo beads in brown gold red black and peach

Hello there on this very special day!

I’m going in to fall mode today with these gold leafy toned bead weaving bracelet batch. Aren’t all seasons exciting! I think so! I am seeing my garden slowly going into fall mode as well. The Acer tree starts to go gold, as well as the rambler roses. The first September rains are setting in and the roses are giving their last gift of the summer season. We are having a beautiful ‘Indian summer’, by the way, here in the Netherlands. I love these glowy days where the light turns everything into a mystical gold sparkling object. That’s at least how I see it all, but that’s my point of view. Maybe you don’t see it, or maybe you never noticed it before. Try to see it you can view it too!

geel orange vlinder ani

It’s great weather today for beading and listening to great high frequency music. I love to create with gospel music or music of high spiritual quality. The music accelerates my ability to create. Magical is that! God created everything perfectly! And all comes at its time. So are these fall shades of colors then! These bracelets contain lots of Czech Duo beads like Zoliduo, Paisley’s, Superduo, dropduo, tile and 2-hole cabochon rose beads. I’ve used toggle clasps for all of these bracelets. It depends on my mood which kind of closure I use. Those bronze 2-hole cabochon rose beads are so lovely! I found them in one of my favorite Dutch bead stores, which is Czechglaskralen. It’s a great store with a fantastic assortment of Czech beads, great service, fast shipping and a friendly owner. Just my opinion. Thanks to her I was able to try out those gold black Matubo beads you can see in the bracelet with the red Miracle beads and transparent iridescent drop beads. I’d ordered other ones and got these instead by mistake, and the owner said I could keep them and send me my original ordered ones too! Now, if that isn’t service?!! So that was very kind of her to do. And very smart too, haha, because now i’m ‘hooked’ on those Matubo beads as well, hahahaha.

Anyway, I hope you feel inspired by these fall colors and come in the mood to create some yourself as well! Stay in high spirits and pray!

Ingeborg van Zuiden handmade art
Handmade bead woven bracelets with duo beads
End clasps on bead woven bracelets
Handmade bracelet with fall colors
Gold and bronze fall bracelets by Ingeborg
Handmade fall inspired bracelet by Ingeborg van Zuiden Weijman
Bronze brown peach bracelet with duo beads
Golden tile beads combine with superduo and Paisley beads by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Bead weaving fashion bracelet by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Details of handmade bead weaving bracelet with gold tile beads and Paisley beads
Gold black Matubo beads
Toggle clasps on bead weaving bracelets in fall colors
Details of fall colors bead weaving bracelets
handmade bead weaving bracelet by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Handmade red black bronze gold bracelet with superduo, Matubo, drop beads and Miyuki metallic seed beads
Details of closesure clasps
handmade gold black red bead weaving bracelet in medieval style with rectangle toggle clasp
Superduo and Matubo beads
Details of Matubo beads and Miracle beads
Details of handmade superduo bracelet with bronze black rose 2-hole cabochon beads and Miyuki seed beads in between
Handmade bead weaving bracelet with rose cabochon beads
Handmade bronze black bracelet with 2-hole rose cabochon beads and superduo's
Detail of handmade bead weaving bracelets with Matubo and superduo beads by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Handmade gold bead weaving bracelet with gold toned toggle clasp and zoliduo beads
Gold pink duo bead bracelet with Miyuki seed beads and iridescent drop beads
Details of Zoliduo and superduo beads
Handmade  bead weaving bracelet with zoliduo, superduo and Miyuki beads by Ingeborg van Zuiden
gold pink red zoliduo bracelet

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