I see blue green and pink

Blue purple and green handmade bead embroidery bracelets

A new day, new round, new chances! After my soapbox rant of yesterday I feel relieved that my anger bomb went out. Gone is the trauma of the Van Zuiden family that i’ve carried for so long and tried to fix. Gone is the whole family. Bye bye. May you find truth on what life is all about which is LOVING EACH OTHER. Our door is only open for TRUE LOVE! So when you’ve found it, and want to love us, AND seek forgiveness, you know where we live. We will never accept anything else anymore in our lives, as you’ve already experienced the past years that went by!

I see green blue and purple after yesterday so what a great day to share my next batch of handmade bead embroidered bracelets. I’m EMbracing it today in the fullest way possible, haha! LOVE and CREATING are the highest forms of frequency, vibration and energy. I’ve always been on the right side when it comes to such and it protected me from all evil surrounding me. Thank God! My sincere wish for all of humanity is that they will always stand for truth and love ONLY. I am very confident my wish will come true as I see it manifesting all over the place right now. That’s why I kept trying to wake you up all these years by saying ‘Enjoy today, tomorrow may never come’ and ‘Sometimes you have to walk through darkness in order to see the light’, and things like that. That’s why I hammered on TRUTH all these years as truth always prevails.

TRUTHSEEKERS are WINNERS, LIARS are LOSERS. This Great Awakening that is happening right before our eyes is all about that. I’ve experienced at a very young age how it feels to lose people, health and/or things you love the most. I know how it feels to stand on the other side where you’re on your own and nobody protects you. I fought myself through it all, later with the help of my dear husband. We made it through it all only through THE HELP OF GOD and TRUE LOVE. So….. people embrace LOVE in your life. Think about love and what does it mean. Is it just a ‘Valentine’s day’-thing catchphrase, catchword or what is it to you? Do you really know what love is?
With many words I just want to emphasize on ‘EMBRACE LOVE IN ALL ITS BEAUTIFUL COLOURS’.
I hope this new batch of colourful bracelets I created will inspire you!
Have a blessed SATURday (look it up….. where does SATUR derive from???). The DEVIL is everywhere!
Wake up!
PS……………………. keep your preparations for the big transition up!!! We are very close to the big revelation!
May God bless us all.

Handmade pink green purple bracelet with Crescents, Superduo and Zoliduo beads by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Batch of handmade beadweaving bracelets in blue green and purple by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Details of pink pearls and blue green crescent beads.
Details of handmade bracelet with silver clasp by Ingeborg
Details of handmade bracelet with Czechmates and pearl beads
Handmade bracelets with superduo, Czech tile beads, Zoliduo, Paisley duo, firepolish and Toho beads
Zoliduo and crescent beads
Green pink purple bracelet with silver magnetic clasp
Armband met crescent, superduo en parels door Ingeborg van Zuiden
Blue pink bracelet with Zoliduo beads

Details of Zoliduo and pearl beads
Blue pink gold bracelet with Zoliduo and Miyuki beads
Handmade beadweaving bracelet with blue Zoliduo beads and golden sunflower toggle clasp
handmade Paisley duo bracelet with blue Swarovski pearls
handmade bracelets by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Swarovski pearls in blue silver bracelet by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Blue Swarovski pearls
Details of AB Miyuki beads and firepolish beads
Details of handmade bracelets with Tile beads and pearls
handmade lilac blue bracelet with tile beads and firepolish czech beads
Details of handmade bracelet with rose toggle clasp and tile beads
Details of toggle clasp
Bead embroidery
Paisley duo beads and firepolish beads
Blue bracelet with Bicone and gemduo beads
Details of silver toggle clasp
Blue handmade bracelet with Czech firepolish, gemduo and bicone beads by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Blue bracelets by Ingeborg
Blue beads
A batch of green purple and blue beaded bracelets with czech beads and pearls

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