Green gold bling

Green gold mauve pendant and earrings with superduo and Swarovski rivoli

Hi there!

Pffff……………………… I am in survival mode. IT IS HOT HERE! 38 degrees Celsius! Inside the house it’s 29 degrees Celsius. That’s the coolest we can get it inside the house with 9 ventilators. We don’t have air conditioning, so we have to survive.

I am more of a Nordic type and do best during dry winters. So these hot summers are a plague for me. Always have been, ever since I was a young child. I’m very light skin and blond/red so easily sunburned. My husband has no problem whatsoever with this heat. I wish I could say that. For me it’s plain war, truly surviving.

In the morning we open up the house. All the windows against each other and than we gain only 1 degree lower to 27 or 28 degrees Celsius and then the sun comes and we’re closing everything up. But no complaining, things always can be worse and there are so many poor people who are so much worse off. I pray that God will help them through this heat.

Great time to just sit still and do more with beads or whatever crafting material that comes to my hand.

I thought to share these green dangling earrings with you today, as well as this pretty mauve gold beaded pendant with Swarovski rivoli stone. The pendant stone is ‘bezelled’ or the technique of covering the Swarovski stone with beads in a little cup is called ‘Bezelling’. For advanced beaders these terms are so normal, but for me it was all new a couple of months ago. So when you are a beginner I pass this on to you. On Youtube you can view a lot of beginner’s tutorials on ‘bezelling’ a rivoli pendant or Swarovski stone! Mostly this is done with using Miyuki delica seed beads. The first time I tried this was difficult, the second time a little bit better to do, and the third time I got the hang of it. So if you are starting the key is not to give up when you make a mistake. Just start all over again and try again and again, no matter if it’s 5 or even 10 times or more!

THE SECRET OF LIFE IS TO NEVER GIVE UP, in my humble opinion. When you give up, simply life is over. So…… I hope to inspire you to try bezelling yourself. Buy a Swarovski rivoli stone of 14 mm, some Miyuki delica beads in two colours, and some regular Miyuki seed beads or follow the beading list the tutorials give you most of the time. It is sooooooooo relaxing and awarding to do! I just can’t stop! I hope you like these earrings and pendant.

Stay safe and please make sure to have enough errands and water in the house for at least a couple of weeks! Any time the storm can hit the world. God will show up!


Green dangling superduo earrings with AB faceted Czech beads
Handmade green vintage style atc aceo card with inspirational wordart by Ingeborg van Zuiden

He will be like a tree planted by water
that extends its roots by a stream.
He won’t fear when heat comes
but its leaves will be green.
And it will not be anxious
in the year of drought.
Nor will he cease to
yield much fruit.

Jeremiah 17:8

Green gold dangling earrings with Superduo beads and Swarovski Rivoli by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Gold mauve superduo Mandala beaded pendant with Swarovski rivoli stone
Superduo jewelry by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Green dangling earrings with Miyuki seed beads, Czech glass beads, Swarovski rivoli and superduo beads
Handmade superduo jewelry by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Handmade beaded pendant with gold Miyuki seed beads and Paradise shine rivoli stone by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Green gold superduo earrings and pendant with Swarovski rivoli 14 mm by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Swarovski pendant by Ingeborg van Zuiden

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