Green bling

Handmade green gold beadweaving earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden

Hi there,

Following my post on the glorious gold green pendant I created, which you can find here, I am now sharing a huge batch of handmade beadwoven earrings and a gorgeous Swarovski bling ring. You’ll see a lot of green today, haha. Speaking about greens…………….. we had so much rain the past weeks, that our garden is now looking abundantly green as never before! When I look down on my garden from above, it’s like i’m having a view on Eden! Truly! Not exaggerating! All of my climbing roses have grown huge and are looking very promising. In my surroundings nature is flourishing, that’s for sure.

It’s so magical to watch nature unfolding this year. It’s a very special year and the age of ‘Aquarius’, which we’ve entered, sure honours its name, haha, hence all the rain we’ve had so far. Plus God did send these mercy drops for a special reason; to cleanse the earth!

The forecasts look better and dryer, so it hopefully will be dry enough for the roses to come out properly. Can’t wait for them to open up and enjoy the garden!

Tomorrow it’s an important date as there’s again a super blood moon eclipse. And since we’re in end times, and president Trump plays a crucial role in these times, it’s really special, because he is born in a super blood moon, and during his presidency there were four super blood moons! President Trump is not ‘just’ another president!!! I’ve told you before, we are living in biblical times. By the way, did you know that a lot of books were hidden from the Bible, like the book of Enoch? When you read this you’ll probably notice that it’s all playing out right before your eyes right now!! You can also read about it in the book of Revelations, Joel and Acts where they are talking about the signs in the heavens. The earth is shaking tremendously, as you can see on the live earthquake site and it will get worse! So stay prepared, as justice will be served to all who are evil! Now…… I keep on creating till that moment, and am having so much pleasure in playing with all these great creativity materials! I’m not afraid at all, and frankly, I can’t wait for God to come!

Here is a huge lot of earrings and a bling ring I created. I hope you’ll enjoy the eyecandy! Pray for peace and justice and for all the good people.

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Green gold bicone earrings
Dangling green earrings
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Green gold superduo pendant with stardust beads
Green gold Superduo earrings with Swarovski rivoli
Green gold bricolette earrings with superduo
Handmade baroque style earrings
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Gold swarovski earring
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Swarovski ring with superduo beads
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Czech crystals earrings
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AB green beads
Open star superduo earrings
Green gold pearl Swarovski earrings
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green pearl bling earring
green black swarovski ring
Handmade beaded ring with Swarovski and Miyuki beads
batch of green gold baroque style earrings
details of handmade black green bling ring
green gold ring
green earrings with Swarovski rivoli stone

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