Ginko bracelets

Details of handmade bead weaving brazelets with Ginko beads and rivoli bling bling stone


Another delivery batch of creativity! This time some bracelets i’ve created recently. These are bracelets created with using Miyuki delica’s and seed beads, a rivoli stone in the center and surrounded with Ginko beads and Czech crystal beads. It’s a fairly easy design to make by using a pattern named ‘Petal Splash’ from Each bracelet consists of – in this case – five elements of the same pattern and are then connected together with some beads. I used a simple button with some seed beads to decorate it for closure. They are so pretty! Ginko beads are such fun beads to work with. They have two entrances and make great flower patterns in beadwork! Sometimes my favorite colors are hard to find but recently I found some really pretty colors in a shop called Hobbyperline from Italy, but also at My Crystal Idea from Lithuania. This last shop I mention has a huge variety of ginko beads!!! But so much more. My Crystal Idea also has a fantastic variety of rivoli stones for reasonable prices and in all kinds of different qualities. I really love shopping there and their customer service and shipping quality is very good. Anyway, these are the three ginko bracelets then, that I wanted to share with you this morning. I hope you feel inspired to go make some yourself! Mmmmm….. which one shall I wear today? I think I will go for the code ‘red’/pink one, haha. It’s time for a perfect storm! Remember at the end of the storm is a golden sky, so that’s where I will wear the gold one then. Enjoy today!

Yellow gold bead weaving bracelet with yellow rivoli stones and golden Ginko beads
Gold yellow bead weaving bracelet with button
Bead woven bracelet with ginko beads and rivoli stones
Details of ginko bracelet in gold
Set of two ginko bracelets with rivoli stone
handmade bead weaving bracelets with Ginko beads and rivoli bling bling stone
Red pink gingko bracelet with Miyuki beads and rivoli stones
Handmade ginko bracelet with Czech crystals, pear.
Handmade ginko bracelets with button closure
Red pink rainbow ginko bracelet by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Red pink bracelet details
Details of ginko biloba bracelet with pink button
Handmade bracelet with rivoli stones and ginko beads by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Handmade bead weaving bracelet with Ginko beads
Pretty purple magenta
Bead weaving bracelet with ginko, czech crystals and Miyuki beads
Detailf o handmade ginko bracelet with purple and pink beads
Purple and pink handmade waterforming
Purple bead weaving bracelet with Ginko beads and Czech crystals

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