Four pinks

Pink purple bead weaving bracelet with duo beads by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Pink red purple bead weaving bracelet with seed beads

Hello there!

A quiet morning here in my surroundings. I’m on a roll with my beads again. Still so much on the ‘to share’-shelf! Today i’m sharing these bright pink bracelets that I created. My favorite one is the wave bracelets with the coral red superduo and dark purple bicone beads. I love the color combination of that one. So vibrant and happy! I created that one from a pattern from Beadesire jewelry which I found on Etsy. The other two bracelets are patterns from Coïncidently I saw yesterday that I did my first pattern with superduo beads one year ago! It’s amazing how fast one can learn beadweaving in only a year! It’s simply keep on trying and making mistakes and learn from them, just like with all things is the case. Never give up! In the beginning I struggled with different needle sizes, sorts of threads etc. After I while I found out that most beaders experienced the same, haha. Funny how we invent ‘our own wheel’! Now i’m completely addicted to using all kinds of beads and am not hesitant anymore on trying new kinds of beads and patterns. It’s all a magical path in which I grow and learn more and more.

Ingeborg van Zuiden

Another thing i’ve started again is playing music on the ukelele. I played ukelele when I was young. The photo on the left is me playing a gospel song at the wedding of my niece Maureen. I’ll never forget those moments. So precious! Later, when I was married I gave my beloved ukelele to our grandson when he was young. Lately I started missing playing the ukelele and decided to buy a new one. I gave my husband a guitar for his birthday a couple of years ago, and tried to play that one myself, but it’s too hard on my fingers. So…. a new ukelele it should be then.

Ukelele’s are not that expensive, so it was easy to pick one. I bought a tenor ukelele, instead of a soprano ukelele this time, which is a tiny little bit bigger and has a darker sound. I’ve grown up, so the size had to match as well 😂😂 And oh what fun it is to play ukelele again! It’s as if I never had quit! I’m already playing Elvis’ songs within a couple of days, haha! And even am learning the newest ABBA song ‘Don’t shut me down’, but that’s a bit more difficult. Anyway, long story short…… the more you learn the better you become, and the things you’ve learned will never part from you somehow.

I hope you like my eyecandy for today! I’m going to ‘string’ some more beads or shall I take the ukelele, as I can string that one too?!😍



Superduo and gemduo bracelets by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Details of duo beads
Details of duo beads and seed beads in pink and red
Handmade pink red bracelet with duo beads by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Details of gemduo bracelets with purple bicone beads
Two sizes of wavy bead weaving bracelets
Details of pink gemduo bracelet with pink AB bicone beads
Handmade bracelet with pink gemduo beads
Gold toggle clasp with rose
Handmade bead weaving bracelet with bronze seed beads and pink gemduo
Pink purple AB bracelet with duo beads
Handmade bead weaving bracelet
Handmade bead weaving bracelet with pink superduo and sunflower toggle clasp
Handmade pink purple bead weaving bracelet with crystals
Detail of pink superduo and Czech crystals
Pink bead weaving clasp with superduo and gemduo
Details of gemduo bracelets
Pink gemduo's
Details of clasps
Set of four pink purple bead weaving bracelets

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