Fasten your bracelets

Hi there,

I just wanted to share a quick inspirational bead batch of bracelets tonight. These have been on the ‘to share’-list for quite a while and so I thought this is the moment. While uploading the photos to my online portfolio/gallery I noticed that I made a mistake in one of the bracelets! How st….id can I be, haha. But I do have a good excuse, which is that my eyesight is not good, and so now and then I miss a thread sometimes, due to light differences or contrast. My cornea has a huge scar right on the pupil which makes my eyesight only 10% there. Anyway, no excuse at all of course, and like we all are, i’m not perfect either. So….. I will repair the mistake one of these days and share the pictures nevertheless. Again i’ve used patterns from Deb Roberti from for these three bracelets.
I hope you enjoy the bead inspiration!

On another note…… I’ve quit the truth channel on Telegram. Hardly anyone seemed interested. I hope you’ll find the truth anyway somewhere else. I’ve tried to do my outer best. But now i’m really tired. I need rest and will withdraw from the outside world for a while. My husband and I decided we won’t put on a Christmas tree this year. It has too many difficult meanings for us this year. So i’ll put up some lights here and there and that’s it. We are always alone at Christmas, so none will miss it, haha. I wish you the best and hope you will be able to digest all the disclosure and happenings that are upcoming. I can only say this: God is in control and seek His guidance, pray and do not fear.

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