Embracing the moment

Handmade purple lilac blue bracelets with gold and bronze findings in bead weaving technique by Ingeborg van Zuiden

Hello there!

Another Friday, time flies so fast yet again, pfff. I am in high spirits and am embracing this moment, hence the title of this blogpost. I’m trying to stay patient as the real significant moment in time still has to come. I really anticipated it was going to come much sooner but so was Nostradamus in earlier days, hahaha. So we try to be as patient as possible. I only know we are very close, we have to be patient and have faith in the light of God. He comes when He thinks it’s time. But boy….. is He angry!!! I can feel His anger to bring justice back. So many people are lost and still don’t have any idea of what’s happening and what this battle is all about. I’ve said and tried to warn you enough in the past month.

So, all this being said….. what better moment than to share this latest batch of cool purple bead weaving bracelets that i’ve created. Again tons of detailed photos to inspire you. Go with the flow, wonder like a child and try to unite; no EGO. Also pray for peace and stay in the light. BE UNconscious, God is in control, and be fearless! WE ARE ONE!

(Click on a photo below to enlarge)

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