Embracing Christmas

Christmas bling

More Christmas bracelets incoming! And there are even more on the ‘to share list’! I have been beading and beading and beading…. I can’t stop beading it, haha! It’s so relaxing and so much fun to create all these gorgeous patterns. I truly have found back one of my biggest passions, which was playing around with beads. I’d never done beadweaving before until recently. But boy…. is it addictive! I’ve been a good customer for the beading economy lately, that’s for sure!

I am embracing Christmas!

Handmade Christmas jewelry by Ingeborg van Zuiden

So….. here are the bracelets and some fun earrings for Christmas. My favorite earrings are the hearts which are created with Superduo and miracle beads, but also with Miyuki seed beads and firepolish beads. The bracelets are patterns I bought from Deb Roberti from aroundthebeadingtable.com. I did give my own little twist to some of them when it comes to the edging. I hope you like the bling inspiration for today! I’m off creating more!

Christmas zoliduo bracelets with pearls and crystals by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Christmas beadweaving with AB red crystals and gold Zoliduo beads

This bracelet is created with Goldenrod Zoliduo beads. I’ve added a little Miyuki drop bead at the edge where the original pattern gives only seed beads

Red AB firepolish beads and goldenrod Zoliduo beads
Red jewelry for Christmas by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Beadwoven bracelet with Czech crystals and Zoliduo beads
Christmas jewelry by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Pink white Zoliduo bracelet with firepolish beads
Pastel pink and gold bracelet

This is also a bracelet I created from a pattern from Deb Roberti. I changed the edging a little bit though, by adding superduo beads and Miyuki drops. Of course I have to rebel around, haha.

Pearls pearls pearls
Pearl bracelet with pink blush crystals
Bracelet with superduo and pearls
Details of pearls and zoliduo beads
Zoliduo bracelet created from pattern of Deb Roberti
Superduo heart earrings with miracle beads
Red bling Christmas bracelet by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Pink bracelets by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Pink gold pearl bracelet
Bicone earrings created by Ingeborg van Zuiden

These earrings are created with bicone and firepolish beads and are from a free pattern, also from Deb Roberti. These fun earrings are quick little project when you want to learn how to do beadweaving! Deb Roberti is a great designer and has tons of free projects on her website. She is so generous! I love her patterns! Thanks to her free patterns I was able to learn beadweaving quickly.

Pastel pink pearl bracelets with AB Zoliduo beads by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Hartjes oorbellen
Earrings and bracelets for Christmas
Pink AB white Zoliduo bracelet
Pink white bling bling bracelet
Coral red earrings with superduo beads
Handmade beadwoven earrings
Red earrings with dangling czech leaf beads by Ingeborg
Heart earrings

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