Embracing angels

Memory wire bracelet and earrings

Hello there!

I hope you are doing well today. I’m on my way downstairs, but had to bring in some angels on my blog. My ‘to share folder’ is way too full, so i’m quickly sharing this memory wire bracelet and matching angel and spacy earrings in brown, gold and other natural tones. I used a lot of miracle beads for the angel earrings, as well as wooden disk beads, which all came in a beadmix. I now and then buy some mixes from one of my favorite beadshops in the Netherlands, which is ‘t Kralenstulpje (www.kralenstulpje.nl). This was from a brown mix. I love it when I get these surprise beadmixes as it forces my creativity in a different direction. When i get to choose the beads I mostly just buy what I like, but when i’m forced to create something with beads that I would never buy myself when I had to choose them, then somehow it works out mysteriously well with such. So….. this is what I created with those beads. There were a lot of wooden beads in the mix as well. Again, I don’t think I would have bought them, but now I might! Do you buy your beads from one shop, or do you go to more different shops? I buy my beads from more than 10 different shops. It also depends on what I have in my mind for creating with beads. At the moment i’m creating a lot with beadweaving techniques, which uses very special Miyuki beads and Superduo beads and such. A lot of beadshops don’t sell such beads and therefor I’m forced to go to a different one then. That’s how I can easily go to 10 different shops online. It’s a pity that physical shops are not much around anymore. At least they aren’t in the Netherlands. I would love to have a beadshop myself! Who knows what the future brings, haha! Anyway, here are a lot of detailed pictures of all the angel earrings and bracelet. I hope you will have a great weekend. I’m going to join my sweetheart who is in the garden creating a potting table for me. I’m sure he’ll like a cup of coffee as brown as the angel beads, haha!


Handmade gold toned angel earrings with miracle beads by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Brown creme memory wire bracelet with tassel by Ingeborg
Brown beads
Wooden memory wire bracelet
Bronze brown earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Wooden memory wire bracelet
Details of handmade brown earrings
Angel earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden
bruine miracle oorbellen met bloemen
Details of brown creme beads
Memory wire bracelet and matching earrings
Geluksengeltjes oorbellen
Shamballa beaded bracelet with tassel
Gold brown angel earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Brown flower earrings
Brown miracle beaded angel earrings
Brown gold earrings and bracelet
Brown angel earrings with wooden beads
Gold tassel
Brown wooden beads
Details van geluksengel oorbellen
Miracle kralen engel oorbellen
Details of Wooden memory wire bracelet
Brown creme memory wire bracelet with tassel
Angel earrings with wooden beads
Details of natural bead colours
Wooden memory wire bracelet
Shamballa beads
Details of angel earrings
Details of memory wire bracelet with shamballa beads and pearls
Handmade brown gold toned earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Wooden memory wire bracelet
bronze brown earrings with wood
Brown creme gold memorywire bracelet with tassel
Details of brown and gold beads
Floral space earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Brown gold angel earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Details of memorywire bracelet with natural coloured beads
Miracle beads

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