Classy black bling

Black gold set of earrings and memory wire bracelets with ribbons and lace by Ingeborg van Zuiden


As promised here are the matching earrings with the black memory wire bracelets I shared in my former post. Two pairs of gold black toned earrings with lots of shiny details. I love to work with these bohemian handmade beads with the little AB stones in the mirrors. These so called ‘bohemian’ or ‘Kashmiri’ beads are all unique, each and every one. So that’s why they all have a slight diffence in size. But that’s the charm of it all I think. I love them! Of course because of the fact that they are handmade and creative looking. Some of my favorite beads are also the ‘Shamballa’ beads or ‘Berry’ beads. I think the photos show it themselves. I hope you like them and feel inspired! Have a wonderful day or evening, or even morning lol. Enjoy!



Handmade black gold earrings with strass by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Black gold AB earrings with shamballa beads
Mirrors in the beads
Ab beaded earrings
Earrings with handmade beads and strass
AB earrings with shamballa beads and gold toned findings by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Black and gold beaded jewelry by Ingeborg van Zuiden

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